What happens when you combine zinc and copper sulfate?

What happens when you combine zinc and copper sulfate?

On adding zinc to copper sulphate solution, zinc displaces copper from copper sulphate and forms zinc sulphate solution. It will undergo a redox reaction, called the displacement reaction of metal because zinc is more reactive than copper according to the reactivity series.

Is copper sulfate exothermic or endothermic?

Endothermic reaction When heating the blue copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate to about 250 °C, a white solid forms, which is anhydrous cupric sulphate: The heat applied externally allows the water molecules, which are bound in the crystal, to detach from their binding partners and exit the crystal.

What type of reaction is zinc and copper sulphate?

redox reaction
Hint: The reaction between zinc and copper sulphate solution is an oxidation-reduction reaction or we can say redox reaction, in which there is transfer of electrons takes place in between two species.

Why copper does not react with zinc?

Ions of any metal that is below zinc, such as lead or silver, would oxidize the zinc in a similar reaction. However, no reaction will occur if a strip of copper metal is placed into a solution of zinc ions, because the zinc ions are not able to oxidize the copper. In other words, such a reaction is nonspontaneous.

Why is zinc copper sulphate an exothermic reaction?

The process is exothermic because strong metallic bonds are formed in the condensation. Convert the solid zinc into gaseous zinc. Vaporization of solid zinc is endothermic because strong metallic bonds are being broken.

Is zinc and copper sulphate an exothermic reaction?

yes, metal Displacement reaction between Copper sulfate and Zn is spontaneous and is exothermic in nature.

Will displacement reaction occur in copper sulphate and zinc?

(a) Copper sulphate and Zinc: A displacement reaction will occur between copper sulphate and zinc because zinc is placed above copper in the reactivity series. Thus, it will replace copper.

Can copper replace zinc from zinc sulphate?

2)Reaction of zinc metal with copper sulphate solution The copper metal produced in this displacement reaction forms a red-brown coating over the zinc strip. A less reactive metal cannot displace a more reactive metal from its salt solution.

Is displacement always exothermic?

Displacement reactions are generally exothermic. This is because they occur spontaneously and are energetically favorable.