What does it mean when it says may contain peanuts?

What does it mean when it says may contain peanuts?

Even after cleaning this equipment, a small amount of an allergen (such as peanuts) that was used to make one product (such as cookies) may become part of another product (such as crackers). In this case, the cracker label might state “may contain peanuts.”

What does it mean if a product is Labelled with the wording may contain nuts?

So, for example, if your supposedly nut free breakfast cereal is produced in the same factory as nutty granola, the manufacturer might put “may contain nuts” (or an equivalent warning) on your cereal packet.

What does it mean when label says may contain?

The label simply means that while the labelled product isn’t supposed to contain the allergen, the manufacturer can’t be sure it doesn’t. They can’t be sure there hasn’t been cross-contamination during preparation.

Why do ingredients say may contain?

What are “May Contain” Statements on Food Labels? “May contain” statements are a manufacturer’s warning that the product might have been somewhere in the vicinity of another product that contains the allergen noted at some time during the production process.

Why does chocolate say may contain nuts?

Also look out for voluntary “may contain” labels, such as “may contain traces of peanut”. Manufacturers sometimes put this label on their products to warn consumers that they may have become accidentally contaminated with another food product during the production process.

Why do products say may contain milk?

When a label says “may contain milk,” that means the manufacturer produced that product in the same factory or on the same machines as other products that contain milk. So while milk isn’t one of the ingredients, there may be “traces” of milk present anyway.

Are may contain statements mandatory?

1) As ‘may contain’ statements are not mandatory, you should check with the manufacturer before consuming a product if there is a risk it might be contaminated with an allergen.

Can you be allergic to nuts but not peanuts?

Tree nut allergy and peanut allergy are two different types of allergies. Still, while people allergic to tree nuts are not necessarily allergic to peanuts, it’s also possible be allergic to both. You should be aware that tree nuts and peanuts are often found together in processed foods and nut mixtures.

What foods may contain milk?

Obvious forms of milk are cream, cheese, butter, ice cream, and yogurt. Milk and milk products may also be used as ingredients in many other foods. To avoid foods that contain milk and milk products, it is necessary to read food labels.

Can Vegans eat products that say may contain milk?

If a food product doesn’t have milk in the ingredients, but is labeled as “may contain milk” or “may contain traces of milk”, it’s totally suitable for vegans. It means (generally) that the food is produced in a shared facility where dairy products are also produced, so there may be cross-contamination.

Can Vegans eat things that may contain milk?