Is Queen Charlotte track a great walk?

Is Queen Charlotte track a great walk?

The spectacular walking track, stretching from historic Ship Cove to Anakiwa, passes through lush coastal forest, around coves and inlets, and along skyline ridges offering breathtaking views of the Queen Charlotte and Kenepuru Sounds.

Where does the Queen Charlotte walk start?

Meretoto/Ship Cove
You can walk or ride the track in either direction, but it’s best to start from Meretoto/Ship Cove. If starting from Meretoto/Ship Cove, boat operators are available to carry your pack between accommodation places.

How much does it cost to walk the Queen Charlotte track?

The pass only covers access to the private land sections and does not cover camping or other fees on the Queen Charlotte Track. $12 for a 1 day pass. $25 for up to 5 consecutive days. $35 for an annual pass.

Are there huts on the Queen Charlotte Track?

No. There are no DOC huts on the Queen Charlotte Track but there are DOC campsites that you can stay at however. There are also private camping grounds, resorts and homestays options along the track.

Can you walk the Queen Charlotte Track in 3 days?

How Long is the Queen Charlotte Track? The Queen Charlotte Track is 72km (45 miles) long and most people walk it in four days. It is possible to walk it in three days, but you’ll have to move at a much faster pace and will have less time to enjoy the beauty of the area.

How difficult is Queen Charlotte Track?

The Queen Charlotte Track is neither easy nor difficult. For walkers and bikers alike a moderate level of fitness and experience is required. Thousands of walkers enjoy the Queen Charlotte Track each year without any problems.

Do you have to book the Queen Charlotte Track?

Fees. While bookings are not required to enjoy the Queen Charlotte Track a QCTLC Pass is required for all Queen Charlotte Track private land between Kenepuru Saddle, Torea Saddle, Te Mahia Saddle and Anakiwa. The pass fee contributes to track maintenance, enhancement and access.

Which is the best part of Queen Charlotte Track?

There are several other routes to take if you want to spend just one day on The Queen Charlotte Track, but I reckon Ship Cove to Endeavour Inlet is the nicest. It all comes down to personal preferences of course, but I found this section to be my favourite.

Where should I stay on Queen Charlotte Track?

Stay at beautiful secluded lodges along the Queen Charlotte Track, and get there with us….Queen Charlotte Track Backpackers.

Furneaux Lodge – Hikers Cabins Endeavour Inlet
Punga Cove – Basecamp Endeavour Inlet
Treetops Backpackers Portage
Mistletoe Bay Eco Village Mistletoe Bay
Anakiwa Lodge Anakiwa

Is Queen Charlotte Track worth it?

The trail itself is beautiful, worth spending all the time you have hiking it, but there are some travellers who might not wish to camp or stay in a hut along the way.

Can you do the Queen Charlotte Track in 3 days?

Can you do the Queen Charlotte track in 3 days?