What was the last year of the Honda VFR?

What was the last year of the Honda VFR?

In fact, Wikipedia lists two motorcycles as its predecessors — the 6th generation VFR800 and the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird, a high-speed touring bike! This bike took over from both those bikes. Honda made the VFR1200F from 2009 until 2017, adding a few colour schemes along the way.

When did VFR get VTEC?

The Honda VFR800 has come to define modern sports-touring, having been a staple in Honda’s range since 1998. With a V4 engine that traces its lineage back to the complex-but-characterful 750s of the mid ’80s, the 2002 launch of the VTEC-enabled 781cc version proved Honda were back to their cutting-edge best.

When did the VFR get fuel injection?

1998 – 2001 Honda VFR800Fi Powered by a brand new 781cc V4 engine that was based heavily on the RC45’s lump, the VFR also gained the RC45’s fuel injection system and a whole heap more midrange.

Should I buy a Honda VFR800?

Would definitely recommend the current vfr800 model well made and very reliable bottom line is every vfr model is excellent both 750 and 800 its down to your own choice and budget which one you would choose. The vfr800 is the perfect all round motorcycle in my opinion handling and brakes are excellent .

Is the Honda VFR a good bike?

The VFR800F is a Really good bike. Perfect handling on fast cornering and high speed run ! The Quality of the bike is incredible. You really can enjoy long ride on the saddle wich is good.

What does VFR stand for in Honda motorcycles?

V-Four Racing
The VFR — that stands for V-Four Racing — also is known as the Interceptor, and it is renowned for the V4 engine based on the Honda RC30 racer that lapped the Isle of Man.

Does Honda still make the VFR 800?

The VFR800 was phased out after the 2009 model year in the United States, when Honda introduced the larger VFR1200F; but the VFR1200 was not a direct replacement for the VFR800; the true successor is the 2014 VFR800F (RC79). The RC46 model of VFR800 continues to be sold in certain international markets.

Is the Honda VFR800 comfortable?

In standard riding position, with the seat at its lowest position (it has two positions), the VFR800 is acceptably comfortable if you like the sport-touring position. If you keep your arms straight, you’ll end up putting pressure on your wrists, so you really should grip the tank.