Can you use other pods in AeroGarden?

Can you use other pods in AeroGarden?

Yes, you can mix different types of plants together if you prune them as needed to manage growth. Herbs, Flowers and Salads are easiest to mix and match together.

What seed pods are available for AeroGarden?

This 6-Pod Seed Kit includes: Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Mint, Thyme, Curly Parsley, and Dill Seed Pods, Grow Domes for optimal germination, and our Specially Formulated Liquid Plant Food.

Can you grow AeroGarden without pods?

Yes, you can! For this purpose we offer our Grow Anything Kit, which comes with everything you need to plant and grow EXCEPT the seeds: grow baskets, grow sponges, labels, domes, liquid plant food, and a Grow Anything Kit Guide, which contains general suggestions for planting.

How long do AeroGarden pods last for?

How long do the pods and nutrients last? Answer: Everything lasts about 6 months. The manufacturer states that you will get the best growth out of your plants if you replace the lights after 6 months.

Can you grow cucumbers in AeroGarden?

This is a two-part answer: no, but yes. None of the packaged seed kits contain cucumbers. So is you want to grow the cukes in the aerogarden, the vines will need another light source to really flourish. Either a good window or another grow light.

Can I grow cucumbers in my AeroGarden?

Whether you like to grow snap peas, cucumbers, or wildflowers, you can do it with the Grow Anything Kit. Either grow your plants to maturity and harvest right from your AeroGarden or easily transplant seedlings and plants outdoors when the temperatures are ideal – perfect for root cuttings as well.

What can I do with extra AeroGarden pods?

The best way to preserve the seed pods is by storing them in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight – a place where the temperature will not fluctuate much. The refrigerator is generally the best place to store seeds.

Does an AeroGarden use a lot of electricity?

This AeroGarden is on for 31 days a month, at an average utility rate of approximately $0.11 per kilowatt hour of electricity….How much energy does the AeroGarden use?

AeroGarden Model Wattage Used (Average) Cost to Run Per Month at 11¢ Per kw/hour
AeroGarden Bounty 48 watts $2.78 per month
AeroGarden Harvest 23 watts $1.33 per month