Is it compulsory to change to a smart meter?

Is it compulsory to change to a smart meter?

Whether you get one now, in the future or not at all is up to you. All suppliers will eventually be required to offer you them, but smart meters are NOT mandatory – you’re free to say no. You can always change your mind if you decide you want one at a later date, simply contact your supplier to ask.

Can TNB smart meter be tampered?

What is Meter Installation Tampering (MIT)? Meter Installation Tampering occurs when TNB’s meter installation/meter is tampered with altered or damaged which cause the meter fails to record the output or actual consumption of electricity.

How do I read a new TNB smart meter?

To read your meter, take note of the digits displayed which is the energy consumption in kWh. You will then need to submit this information back to TNB. For three phase meters, the screen will scroll across 3 pages 10 seconds at a time. To take the kWh consumption make sure the display reads kWh or kWh Imp.

How do I write a letter to change my electric meter?

I would like to inform you that my electricity meter is not working for the last 2 months (more/less). I am writing to you because I would like to request to change my electric meter. (Describe in your words). There has been no meter reding and you are sending average bills.

How do I report meter tampering?

If you see/know of any instances of meter tampering, report them to Eskom immediately on 08600 37566 (ESKOM).

How do I check my electricity meter?

Dial meter

  1. Stand directly in front of your meter.
  2. Read the dial on the left first. (Ignore the dial underneath).
  3. Look at the two numbers the pointer is between and record the lowest number. (If the pointer is between 9 and 0, record 9.)
  4. Do the same with each dial, reading left to right.

How do I get my meter readings from my smart meter?

Press 9 on the keypad. VOLUME will appear on your smart meter screen. You’ll see 6 digits (e.g. 00123.4) followed by an ‘m3’ symbol at the bottom right of the screen. This figure is your latest reading – if you’re giving a reading to your energy provider, they only need the first 5 digits.

How does TNB identify an area requiring aged meter replacement?

The replacement of aged meter is a utility prudent practice and is in accordance to the Electricity Supply Act 1990 (for accurate billing) How does TNB identify an area requiring Aged Meter Replacement? TNB has a customer database that records which meters have been in service beyond accuracy lifespan.

How does TNB work for a smart meter?

To enable smart meter reading, TNB will erect RF pillars around your area. TNB states that the RF power transmitted is considered low at 0.1 Microwatts per square cm from 10 feet away, which is lower than a conventional microwave oven that emits 1000 Microwatts per square cm at 2″ from the door.

What kind of meter will be installed at my premise?

The meter at customer premise is owned by TNB. However, customer is responsible to ensure meter is not disturbed /tampered. What type of meter will be installed at my premise? Beginning 2004, TNB is installing electronic meters at customer’s premise in stages. Will my bill be more or less the same after the meter replacement?

Can a tenaga be responsible for a tenant’s electricity bill?

In the situation before a new tenant moves in, property owners could do a Change of Tenancy making the tenant fully responsible for any delinquent account. However, owners will lose the right to instruct a disconnection to TNB in the event the tenant defaults in his monthly electricity bills