What is BS Marine Transportation?

What is BS Marine Transportation?

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MARINE TRANSPORTATION BS in Marine Transportation is a professional program that deals with the study of navigation, cargo handling and stowage, controlling of the safe operation and care for people onboard the ship at the operational level.

What are the subjects in BS Marine Transportation?

Some of the subjects taught in this program include:

  • Ship Handling and Maneuvering.
  • Ships, Ship Routines, and Construction.
  • Cargo Handling and Storage.
  • Merchant Ships Search and Rescue.
  • Deck Watchkeeping.
  • Shipboard Personnel Management.
  • Basic Marine Engineering.
  • Ship Management Systems.

How long is BS Marine Transportation?

It is a four-year residency course consisting of a three-year academic studies (1st, 2nd and 4th year) and one year shipboard training (3rd year) on board commercial vessels plying the international sea lanes as deck cadets.

What can you do with a degree in Marine Transportation?

What can you do with a Marine Transportation Degree?

  • Training OfficerOfficerOperations Manager. Terminal Manager.
  • Training OfficerOfficerTransportation Security Officer.
  • DeckhandCaptainFlight Instructor.
  • Deck CadetThird MateElectrician.
  • CadetSecurity OfficerOfficer.
  • Merchant MarineMaintenance TechnicianForeman.

Is there a board exam for marine transportation?

The Marine Deck Officers Board Exam, also known as the Marine Deck Officers Licensure Exams, is a board exam facilitated by the Board of Marine Deck Officers under the Professional Regulatory Commission to assess the competency of BS Marine Transportation graduates.

How many units is a BS Marine?

The BSMarE program shall consist of a minimum total of 179 credit units.

What is Basic Seaman course?

Also known as “BT,” “SOLAS,” “BST,” or “Basic Safety,” Basic Training is a mandatory course designed to teach seafarers (1) personal survival techniques, (2) fire prevention and fire-fighting, (3) elementary first-aid, and (4) personal safety and social responsibilities in keeping with Section A-VI/1 of the Standards …

Is there an age limit to join the Merchant Marines?

There is no upper age limit for who can join the Merchant Marine. Some people who have retired from their first careers have gone on to successful second careers as Merchant Mariners.