What do you do with components in ff13?

What do you do with components in ff13?

Components are the items used to increase your Weapons and Accessories’ levels. Use Organic Components to increase the XP Bonus, then use Electronic Components to level them up quickly. Once they reach the Star Level, use Catalysts to transform them into a new Weapon or Accessory, if applicable.

How do you get the Malboro wand?

Malboro Wand is a weapon for Vanille. It is a second tier weapon, obtained by using a Uraninite on a mastered Belladonna Wand. Its passive ability is Improved Debuffing II, improving the success rate of Vanille’s Saboteur skills (apart from Death). It takes 153,000 EXP to max out.

How do you get the Omega Weapon Lightning?

The Omega Weapon is one of Lightning’s unlockable weapons. It can be obtained either by random chance when redeeming a Treasure token, or by purchasing them from the Shop for 7,200 Gil. Like all other characters’ weapons, having it equipped carries no advantages or disadvantages.

How do you upgrade helter skelter?

To upgrade the Helter Skelter, use the Helter Skelter Upgrade item on the Helter Skelter that is already situated in your city. Its upgraded version will then be placed directly on the same spot in your city and the production timer will not be reset.

How does upgrading work in ff13?

Each character has access to a variety of weapons in Final Fantasy XIII, and each of these can be upgraded and leveled up two times. Any given weapon can be upgraded to a star rank, meaning that without a special item it is maxed out. For example Lightnings ultimate weapon, Omega weapon, confers an ATB +1 bonus.

How do you upgrade Eagletalon?

It can be upgraded to Nue using a Trapezohedron. At max level the Eagletalon dismantles into a Hawkeye, Thrust Bearing x18, and Needle Valve x12.

How do I upgrade my Flamberge?

Flamberge is a second tier weapon available for Lightning. It can be obtained by upgrading a Blazefire Saber with a Perovskite and can be upgraded to the Omega Weapon by using the Trapezohedron item, and provides physical defense as its Chain Ability.