What kind of truck is Kamaz 43118 on board?

What kind of truck is Kamaz 43118 on board?

The KamAZ-43118 on-board vehicle is a 6×6 triaxial model, which was developed on the basis of KamAZ-4310, by order of the Ministry of Defense of the country. The plant was required to create a multi-purpose machine with minimal need for replacement parts and increased throughput values.

How big is the fuel tank of a Kamaz truck?

The KAMAZ 43118 car is equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 260 hp, consuming 33 l / 100 km and a fuel tank with a capacity of 350 liters. In addition to the KAMAZ 43118 on-board vehicle, we recommend KAMAZ 65117 for 14 tons.

Which is the best rally for a Kamaz truck?

Standing for beauty and strength along with harmony and swiftness towards the future, the KAMAZ truck is a cost efficient vehicle. The Dakar Rally is a favorite stomping ground for the KAMAZ.

Where are Kamaz trucks off road crazy Russian peoples?

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Who are the shareholders of the company KamAZ?

The main shareholders of Kamaz are the state corporation Rostec (49.9%), Avtoinvest Limited (23.54%), a Cyprus-registered company whose main beneficiaries have never been officially disclosed, and Daimler (15%).

Where are the production facilities of Kamaz group?

KAMAZ Publicly Traded Company has more than 110 subsidiaries and affiliates, it owns shares in the authorized capital of more than 50 different companies and businesses. Together they form KAMAZ Group. The main production facilities of the plant are located in the industrial area of Naberezhnye Chelny.

What do you need to know about Kamaz refrigerator trucks?

KAMAZ refrigerator trucks and insulated containers help safely transport food and fresh vegetables and fruits for thousands of kilometers. Steam trucks, cementing trucks, mobile rigs, mobile workshops and laboratories serve in the oil & gas industry.

Which is the older brother of the Kamaz tractor?

The three-axle truck tractor is built on the Daimler component base and is, in fact, the “older brother” of another modern KamAZ long-range truck – the KamAZ-5490 two-axle tractor. Especially for the production of KamAZ-65206, a separate conveyor was built by the Chelny enterprise.

What’s the maximum speed of a Kamaz truck?

The maximum speed of the base model reaches 95 km / h, new modifications of long-haul trucks can accelerate to 105 kilometers per hour. A cabless cab is installed on the model, while the latest modifications are equipped with a hydraulic lift, which greatly simplifies access to the engine.