What fish are compatible with tiger barbs?

What fish are compatible with tiger barbs?

Provided there is considerable space, one of the best tankmates for the tiger barb is the clown loach; it will even school with the tiger barbs and act as they do. Alternatively, pair the tiger barb with fast-moving tankmates such as danios, platys, loaches, or catfish.

Can I keep tiger barbs with convict cichlids?

Like Giant Danios, Tiger Barbs are infamous fin-nippers and will cause problems for slow targets like Bettas. However they are excellent Convict Cichlid tank mates and by actively schooling they create an environment that encourages Convicts to be bolder.

What fish can live with cichlids?

Some of the best fish to keep with African Cichlids are;

  • Botia Loaches (Clown Loach)
  • Red Tail Shark.
  • Giant Danios.
  • African Red-eyed Tetra.
  • Pleco.
  • Scavenger (Upside-down catfish)
  • Leopard Bush-fish.

Can Blue Rams live with tiger barbs?

Look for some good quality rams from a breeder and you won’t have any problems keeping them with tiger barbs.

Are tiger barbs aggressive fish?

The tiger barb, an active shoaling fish, is usually kept in groups of six or more. They are often aggressive in numbers less than five, and are known fin nippers. When in large enough groups, however, they tend to spend most of their time chasing each other and leave other species of fish alone.

What algae eaters can live with convict cichlids?

The best algae eater for the African cichlid tank is without a doubt, the ancistrus sp. Even though they are originally from south America, it is one of the only algae eaters that can adapt to the African cichlid’s water parameters as well as their behavior.

Can Plecos live with convict cichlids?

But if you have a tank large enough for a common pleco, then these fish make great tank mates for convict cichlids. Common plecos grow more aggressive as they age, and while they can more than handle a convict cichlid, their behavior means these fish will rarely interact with each other.

What bottom feeders can live with cichlids?

Plecos. Plecos are an optimal choice to house with African Cichlids. Since they’re bottom feeders and feast on algae with gusto, the tank will not only stay clean but peaceful.

What can I put with Tiger barbs?

Here are some good Tiger Barb tank mates you can try out:

  • Rosy Barb.
  • Cherry Barb.
  • Cory Catfish.
  • Most Types Of Plecos.
  • Clown Loach.
  • Tinfoil Barb.
  • Pictus Catfish.
  • Neon Tetra.