How do you unlock gold blast in Marble Blast?

How do you unlock gold blast in Marble Blast?

Use the code below to instantly unlock a level you’re unqualified for….Instantly unlock any stage.

Effect Effect
Click the bottom right corner of the stage select screen Unlock selected level

Can you still get Marble Blast Gold?

On February 1, 2011, Marble Blast Gold was removed from the GarageGames store and is no longer available for purchase. However, the full game can still be downloaded for free at Marble Blast. Demos for Windows, Mac, and Linux are also still available. The license to the Marble Blast franchise is retained by IAC.

Does Marble Blast still exist?

Marble Blast Ultra was removed from the Xbox Live Arcade on February 12, 2011. Users who purchased Marble Blast Ultra can still play it. At the time of its removal from Xbox Live Arcade, Marble Blast Ultra had sold more than 756,000 copies.

Are there any cheats for Marble Blast on PC?

This cheat only works for windows. Open computer and go to your defult hard drive. Open program files. Click on the file “Marble Blast”. Then open Marble>Data>Shapes>Balls. You will see a file named base.marble Then get any image file from your computer and copy it to the folder with base.marble in it.

How to get zero gravity in Marble Blast Gold?

Go to a not qulafied level screen. 2. Click the way bottom right hand corner. Cheat: —— Submitted by: Gavin Powell When you enter a level press (ESC) then press [F10] and type in defaultmarble.gravity=2; Then press F10 and you should have ZERO GRAVITY.

How to get Blue Marble in Marble Blast?

Then copy this text base.marble Rename the orignal file anything (as long as it’s not the smae as one of the other files) the rename YOUR picture file base.marble Open marble blast and play a level. The marble should be blue. You will travel at supre speeds!!!

What is the code for the Super Jump in Marble Blast?

Try 2 for a good super-jump. gemitem.norespawn=false; $Item::RespawnTime=0; The first code means that gems will respawn, just like the powerups do. The second code makes the powerups respawn instantly, instead of after seven seconds. Use these codes together to make the gems come back instantly.