Can you put a baby car seat in a Porsche 911?

Can you put a baby car seat in a Porsche 911?

There are certain cars you just don’t associate with children and families; the Porsche 911 is one such car. Now, Porsche does offer their own baby seat that fits perfectly in the back of the 911. In conjunction with Tequipment, Porsche Design offers rear- and front-facing baby seats, as well as a booster seat.

Does 997 have Isofix?

Month 10 running a Porsche 997: the rear seats for kids My two-year-old was happy – the rear seats don’t have Isofix, so your child seat needs to work with the diagonal seatbelt, but there’s plenty of room. (Isofix in the front is a retrofit option.)

Does Porsche 911 have Isofix?

As standard, each 911 has six airbags and side-impact protection beams integral within the side door structure. There’s also a single Isofix child seat-mounting point on the front passenger seat.

Can you put a child seat in a Porsche?

Porsche Child seats¹ The Porsche child seats can be fixed conveniently and safely using a preparation kit or the three-point belt system. For increased safety, the Porsche Baby and Porsche Junior Seat ISOFIX have an independent five-point belt system.

Can you put a baby seat in a Porsche?

The Porsche Baby Seat i-Size provides protection for the smallest infants. It is suitable for babies with a body length of between 40 and 83 centimetres. The rear-facing infant carrier can be used up to an age of 15 months and a weight of 13 kilograms.

Are Porsche 997 reliable?

The majority of the car is generally reliable and has a near timeless look. With the launch of a new 992 platform, prices for the 997 have been driven even lower. This is a super value for money, everyday super car that has excellent reliability.

How reliable is a Porsche 911 997?

These early cars have proved reliable and used 997s enjoy a first-time MoT pass rate in excess of 85% (with minor headlight problems the most common cause of failure).

Does a 911 have rear seats?

In the rear it’s a different matter. Those two back seats are small; an adult would do well to squeeze in even for a short trip. This all said, the fact that there are back seats at all can be considered a bonus, as all the 911 Targa’s main rivals are strict two seaters.

Can you sit in the back of 911?

The 911’s sloping roof and tight rear knee room mean its back seats are really only suitable for kids or very small adults – and even then only for short distances. This is far for a criticism, though, because most of the 911’s rivals don’t have rear seats at all.