What are some common French words?

What are some common French words?

100 Most Common List of French Words. 1. le (det.) the; (pron.) him, her, it, them. 2. de (det.) some, any; (prep.) of, from. 3. un (det.) a, an; (adj., pron.) one. 4. à (prep.) to, at, in. 5. être (verb) to be; (noun [m.]) being. 6. et (conj.) and.

What is the French word for vocabulary?

Vocabulary Word List for French Vocabulary Words (246) A) A la carte, Adieu, Adroit, Alliance, Altruism, Ambiance, Ambulance, Aperitif, Armoire, Attache, Au courant, Au gratin, Au naturel, Au revoir, Avant guarde, Avoirdupois

What is the French test?

The French test includes reading only—you read in French and answer multiple-choice questions. The French with Listening test also includes a listening portion—you listen in French and answer multiple-choice questions.

What is the vocabulary test?

vocabulary test. A component of IQ tests in which a person is asked to define words of varying level of difficulty, and use them in context, which provides the examiner with a measure of the person’s intellectual achievement and aptitude.

What is the most beautiful word in French?

50 Beautiful French Words ange – angel (masc.) baleine – whale (fem.) bisou – kiss (masc.) brindille – twig (fem.) brûler – to burn brume – mist (fem.) câlin – hug (masc.) chaleur – heat (fem.) chatoyer – to shimmer chaussettes – socks (fem.) mon chouchou – my little cabbage, said as a term of endearment (masc.) citronnade – lemonade (fem.)

What are the rules for French pronunciation?

The basic rule of French pronunciation is that the final consonant is not pronounced, but there are many exceptions, which are what this lesson is about.*. The letters B, C, F, K, L, Q, and R are usually pronounced at the end of a word.

How do you say w in French?

How to Pronounce the French “W”. When reciting the alphabet in French, the “w” is pronounced doo-bluh-vay. This literally means “double v” and is similar to the Spanish “w.”. (Spanish is another Romance language where the letter “w” is not native.) In use, the letter “w” is found primarily in words borrowed from other languages.