What code lead is used for soakers?

What code lead is used for soakers?

Code 4 lead
Code 4 lead flashing is used for a range of roofing applications, including soakers, flashings, and vertical cladding. It’s 1.8mm thick and weighs 20.41 kg/m2. This makes it a malleable and workable product that can be used easily in a wide range of settings.

What size should lead soakers be?

The length of the soaker should be the sum of the head lap plus the gauge, plus the 25mm turn down. For plain tiles this will be not less than 175mm for vertical tiling, and 190-200mm for pitched roofs, depending upon the head lap.

What is the British Standard Colour for Code 4 lead?

Lead Flashing and Colour Codes

Code 3 Lead Code 4 Lead Code 5 Lead

What is the lead code?

The lead code refers to the thickness of the lead used to construct your roof, and choosing the wrong lead code for your construction will result in issues further down the line.

What is code 6 lead?

Code 6 Lead is 2.65mm thick (a 18% increase over code 5 lead) and weighs 30.05kg/m2 (Thickness to BS EN12588 tolerances of +/- 5%) Whether the roof you are working on is sheltered or is exposed to more severe weather, code 6 lead can be used for every aspect of pitched roofing or flat roofing.

Can I use patination oil on old lead?

If the lead has been laid previously, you will need to use a cleaning gel to remove any existing staining and dirt. Once cleaned, wash the lead of the gel, leave it to dry and then apply the layer of oil. The oil can easily be applied just with a soft cloth to rub the oil on to the clean, dry lead.

What are the codes for lead?

What are the thicknesses of each roofing lead code?

Lead Code Thickness Weight (kg/m2)
Code 3 1.32mm 14.97
Code 4 1.80mm 20.41
Code 5 2.24mm 25.40
Code 6 2.65mm 30.10

Do I need lead soakers?

Lead soakers are an integral part of virtually any tiled roof. Not only do they prevent any water ingress at the abutment to a wall, but also provide a professional aesthetic. Using standard lead rolls to form soakers can be time-consuming. You’ll also require additional tools in most cases.

What length is in a roll of lead?

We supply Rolled Lead Sheet in any width from 150mm to 1580mm in Codes 3,4 and 5 and up to 1275mm in Codes 6,7 and 8 in standard roll lengths of 3 and 6 metres.

How long can Code 5 lead be?

The increased thickness also means that, like code 4 lead, code 5 lead has increased resistance to thermal movement and therefore the maximum length of flashing can be increased by 50% over code 3 lead to 1.5metres. It isn’t advisable to use any flashing in longer than 1.5m lengths.