Where is Rocky Patel factory?

Where is Rocky Patel factory?

The Rocky Patel Premium Cigar Company is a manufacturer of cigars, founded by Rakesh “Rocky” Patel and based in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Are Rocky Patels good?

The body is medium overall and the strength of this cigar is mild. If you are looking for a great complex cigar without a nicotine hit and at a fantastic price this Rocky Patel Velvet Edition is well worth it. Thanks to Holt’s for providing this cigar for review.

Is Rocky Patel married?

Often heralded as the hardest working man in the business, Rocky Patel is married to his arduous schedule. He rarely sees his home and headquarters in Naples, Florida.

What nationality is Rocky Patel?

Rocky Patel: Indian born Florida-based czar of premium cigars. A cigar transcends established social and economic precincts. “In a year, I attend over a hundred different types of cigar events where all kinds of people smoke.

Who owns Burn by Rocky Patel?

Rocky Patel
Owned and operated by Rocky Patel, the founder of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, BURN by Rocky Patel showcases a unique mix of exotic and regional décor distinctive to each residing city.

Are Rocky Patel cigars sweet?

It’s creamy, earthy, sweet, nutty, and these medium-bodied cigars have never failed me. Another favorite is the Rocky Patel Sun Grown in the Robusto and Toro.

What kind of cigar is Rocky Patel?

Rocky Patel cigars are handcrafted in Nicaragua and Honduras from wide variety of premium long-filler tobaccos and well-known wrapper varietals, including Connecticut Shade, Ecuador Habano, Connecticut Broadleaf, San Andrés, and more.

Are Rocky Patel Cigars hand rolled?

This is TaviCusa – the diminutive yet constantly active habitat where every premium Nicaraguan brand made by Rocky Patel is hand rolled, aged, banded and boxed.

Can you bring your own cigar to burn?

It’s fine to bring your own, but be aware of the law. If a cigar lounge does not have a policy against bringing your own smokes, by all means bring them, but be sure to partake in the other amenities the lounge has to offer, such as fine spirits and rich cuisine.