Who won triple jump 2021?

Who won triple jump 2021?

Pedro Pichardo
Portugal’s Pedro Pichardo won the Olympic triple jump title with abest leap of 17.98m, a national record. The 28-year-old set his best mark in round three at the Olympic Stadium.

Who won the Olympic triple jump?

Viktor Saneyev is the event’s most successful athlete as he was Olympic champion three times consecutively from 1968 to 1976, as well as runner-up in 1980. Françoise Mbango Etone is the only woman to win two Olympic triple jump titles….Triple jump at the Olympics.

Triple jump at the Olympic Games
Men Pedro Pichardo (POR)
Women Yulimar Rojas (VEN)

What were the Olympic winners given?

The olive wreath, also known as kotinos (Greek: κότινος), was the prize for the winner at the ancient Olympic Games. It was a branch of the wild olive tree Kallistefanos Elea (also referred to as Elaia Kallistephanos) that grew at Olympia, intertwined to form a circle or a horse-shoe.

How far do triple jumpers jump?

These speeds are similar to those that will be seen in the long jump finals. In fact, it was calculated that the longest hop phase ever measured in the triple jump (7.02 metres by Kenny Harrison of the USA) would have been equivalent to a jump of 8.29 metres had he landed in the style of a long jump.

Who is the oldest weightlifter to win an Olympic gold in weightlifting?

Lyu Xiaojun
TOKYO (AP) — Age isn’t weighing Lyu Xiaojun down. The 37-year-old Chinese weightlifter became the oldest man to win an Olympic gold medal in the sport on Saturday after a tense finish in the men’s 81-kilogram category.