How do you update PicoPix?

How do you update PicoPix?

Insert the SD card into the PicoPix and then power it on. Go to Main Menu/Setting/Maintenance/Firmware Update, follow the instruction to start update process. Wait for the progress bar until it reaches 100%. Then follow the instructions.

How do I install Philips PicoPix?

How do I connect my Philips PicoPix 4350 to a laptop using the HDMI cable

  1. Connect the mini HDMI cable end to the PicoPix.
  2. Connect the Hdmi cable end to the laptop.
  3. Use the navigation keys to select Source and then HDMI and confirm with OK.
  4. The projection will start automaticality.

How do you charge a Picopix pocket projector?

1 Connect the USB plug to a computer, to charge the battery. Alternatively you may connect the USB plug to the power adapter (not included), we recommend using the accessory PPA6200. Charge time is faster for to charge the battery. 1 Switch the device on using the on/off switch on the side.

How do I connect my PicoPix to my Android?

Turn on the PicoPix, Go to “Screen Mirroring” and select “Android / Windows” Start the screen mirroring from your smartphone / tablet. Select the PicoPix 4935 on your smartphone / tablet. After few seconds the projection starts on the picopix.

How do I connect to PicoPix WIFI?

How to connect the Philips Picopix 3610 / 3614 to a wireless…

  1. Go to Menu: Android/ Settings: Wireless and Networks.
  2. Go to Wi-Fi settings and enable the W-fi.
  3. Select your Network from the list and type your security Key (you need to click on the password tab in order for the virtual keyboard to appear)

How do you turn on a Philips PicoPix?

How to turn on / off / standby the Philips PicoPix 4935

  1. Turn on: Press the power button for 3 seconds.
  2. Turn off: Press the power button for 3 seconds.
  3. Stand-by: Press the power button for 1 second. The LED light will flash green.
  4. Please note: Using the stand-by function will consume battery power.

How do I connect my phone to PicoPix?

How do I connect to PicoPix WiFi?