Who covered Tom Waits hold on?

Who covered Tom Waits hold on?

Shawn Colvin
Video Premiere: Shawn Colvin – “Hold On” (Tom Waits Cover)

Is it legal for bands to play cover songs?

PERFORMING A COVER SONG LIVE: The rock band or solo performer does not need a license to perform a cover song live. Sometimes a venue or store will tell you that you cannot play any cover songs. This means they have opted not to buy any music performance licenses from the PROs.

What does it mean when a band covers a song?

In popular music, a cover version, cover song, remake, revival, or simply cover, is a new performance or recording by a musician other than the original performer or composer of the song.

How do cover bands work?

COVER BANDS v. Tribute bands do not perform original songs. Instead, they exclusively perform songs by the band they pay tribute to, usually mimicking the band’s appearance, style, and name, often at a fraction of the price.

Who wrote hold on Tom Waits?

Tom Waits
Kathleen Brennan
Hold On/Composers

Do cover bands need to pay royalties?

A “cover” is a new performance of a previously recorded song by someone other than the original artist with the lyrics and basic melody left intact. But if you do cover a song, you must pay a royalty to the song’s creator (that’s the licensing part).

Is it legal to cover a song on YouTube?

When someone records and releases a song, you are free to do your own cover version of that song by obtaining a mechanical or “compulsory” license. Therefore, you need a synch license as well as a mechanical license to legally publish a cover song on YouTube (unless the song has fallen into public domain).

Do you need permission to be a tribute band?

BMI and ASCAP must provide what are known as blanket licenses, meaning that they automatically grant licenses to anyone willing to pay a standardized fee. As a result, bands don’t need to ask permission to “pay tribute,” meaning there’s almost no barrier to starting a tribute band.

Who was the first band to cover Tom Waits song?

As a rule, Tom Waits songs are very hard to pull off and Springsteen, Stewart and the Eagles had it easy, covering three songs that were uncharacteristically simple and straightforward, crafted for a large audience that Waits himself has been neither able nor willing to reach. But most of his music is extremely difficult to appropriate.

What kind of guitar does Tom Waits play?

In particular, the cover’s guitarwork features more heavily and the drums fall further in the background than Waits’ original. Additionally, frontman Josh Homme gives a rockabilly blues tone to the song, smoothing out the vocals with clearers pronunciation.

Which is the best cover of Tom Waits?

Carolina Chocolate Drops, “Trampled Rose” The Carolina Chocolate Drops offer a much faster take on this tune, turning a mumbled lament into a song out of the folk tradition. The fiddle brings a jaunty anxiety to the tune and the banjo notes are a sharp addition.

Why did Tom Waits sing Come On up to the House?

The standard smokiness in Wait’s voice is present, but not choking. The song is an invitation to safety and shelter when, “the seas are stormy, and you can’t find no port;” you are invited to “come on up to the house.”