What is Selkirk Common Riding?

What is Selkirk Common Riding?

The Selkirk Common Riding is a celebration of the history and traditions of the Royal and Ancient Burgh. Held on the second Friday after the first Monday in June, the ceremony is one of the oldest in the area, with 300–400 riders, Selkirk boasts one of the largest cavalcades of horses and riders in Europe.

When did Hawick Common Riding start?

The Hawick Common-Riding is the first of the Border Common Ridings and celebrates both the capture of an English Flag in 1514 by the youth of Hawick at a place called Hornshole and the ancient custom of riding the marches or boundaries of the common land.

What is a person from Selkirk called?

Selkirk is a town and historic royal burgh in the Scottish Borders Council district of southeastern Scotland. It lies on the Ettrick Water, a tributary of the River Tweed. The people of the town are known as Souters, which means cobblers (shoe makers and menders).

What date is Selkirk Common Riding?

first Monday in June
The dates for next year are Friday, 17th June 2022. Selkirk commemorates and celebrates its history at the annual Common Riding, held on the second Friday after the first Monday in June, when the town’s boundaries or ‘marches’ are ridden.

Which river runs through Hawick?

River Teviot
River Teviot, tributary of the River Tweed, southern Scotland. Its valley, Teviotdale, constitutes a large part of the historic county of Roxburghshire. The river, rich in trout, flows northeast past Hawick to join the Tweed at Kelso.

What does Selkirk mean?

Selkirk is a Scottish surname. The name is a habitational name, derived from Selkirk, located on the Scottish Borders. The place name is derived from the Middle English elements sale, sele, meaning “hall”, “manor”; and kirk, meaning “church”.

What do you call someone from Hawick?

People from Hawick call themselves “Teries”, after a traditional song which includes the line “Teribus ye teri odin”.

What’s Hawick famous for?

Frequent winner of national floral awards, Hawick is the largest of the Border towns and internationally famous for fine quality knitwear. Hawick has a long and colourful history which can be traced back to the 12th century, when King David I granted land to a Norman family, the Lovels.

When did Selkirk become a city?

Selkirk, Manitoba, incorporated as a town in 1882 and as a city in 1998, population 9834 (2011c), 9515 (2006c). The City of Selkirk is located on the west bank of the RED RIVER, 29 km north of Winnipeg….Selkirk.

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What happened to Alexander Selkirk?

He eventually went back to a life at sea and died in the Royal Navy of a fever off the coast of Africa. Selkirk wasn’t the first to be stranded on what is now known as Robinson Crusoe Island (then called Más a Tierra). He finally died, presumably from dehydration.

How long is the Selkirk Grace?

Size: Including lugs 13.0 cm (5.1″). Bowl diameter 9.0 cm (3.5″). Height 2.1 cm (0.8″).