Are AC Delco rotors good?

Are AC Delco rotors good?

Best Overall Rotors: the best overall OE replacement rotor for commuters is the AC Delco Professional Brake Rotor. They are high quality, inexpensive, look good and made by a reputable manufacturer. They are also available for a wide variety of makes and models.

Are AC Delco silver rotors good?

ACDelco Silver (Advantage) Disc Brake Rotors are a quality, high value alternative for General Motors vehicles as well as most makes and models and are backed by General Motors. These rotors provide reliable vehicle braking power….

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Are AC Delco professional rotors coated?

ACDelco uses a specific coating technology called COOL SHIELD™. The entire rotor including its interior has a baked on, robotic applied coating for long lasting rust protection, compared to an uncoated rotor. Edges and vanes also stay cleaner longer, for optimal cooling.

Who makes AC Delco brakes?

BRAKES. Brakes are one area in which vehicle owners simply cannot compromise. Our full line of GM Genuine Parts Original Equipment brakes including rotors, pads, drums and other brake components are designed, tested, engineered and backed by General Motors.

Are AC Delco brake rotors made in China?

Are AC Delco rotors made in China? Brake rotors are no longer manufactured in the United States or Canada for aftermarket consumption. The “domestic” brands you may be familiar with (Raybestos,Wagner, Bendix, Centric, Motorcraft, Delco) are all manufactured in China/Taiwan.

What is the advantage of coated brake rotors?

Their robotic-applied, baked-on coating helps prevent brake pulsation, helps prevent the rotor from seizing to the hub, and provides excellent rust prevention against harsh environmental elements such as rain, snow, and corrosive road sprays.

Why are coated rotors better?

Tested to withstand 400+ hours of salt spray (equivalent to 18 southern Michigan winter months), coated brake rotors edges and vanes stay cleaner longer, optimizing air flow and performance. Special polymer coating also keeps rust from forming along the outer edges of the pad swept area to prevent edge-lift.

Is AC Delco a GM brand?

GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco are the true General Motors OE parts brands that are globally recognized for our dedication to quality. ACDelco, with GM Genuine Parts, strive to be your No. 1 choice for parts and services that are correct the first time — every time.