What is the population of long-eared owls?

What is the population of long-eared owls?

around 2,180,000-5,540,000
Population number According to the IUCN Red List, the total Long-eared owl population size is around 2,180,000-5,540,000 mature individuals.

Are long-eared owls nocturnal?

Long-eared Owls are secretive, nocturnal, and superbly camouflaged. One good way to find them is to listen at night in spring and summer for their long, low hoots. During winter these owls often roost in large numbers, and this can make them easier to find.

What is the scientific name for a long-eared owl?

Asio otus. This medium-sized owl is widespread but not particularly well known in North America.

How long does a long-eared owl live?

27 years and 9 months
The oldest wild long-eared owl lived 27 years and 9 months.

Do long-eared owls eat squirrels?

Owls mainly eat mammals (like mice, moles, rats, lemmings, squirrels, rabbits, shrews and gophers), amphibians (like frogs, salamanders), reptiles (like lizards, snakes), insects (like crickets, caterpillars, moths and beetles).

What do Asio Otus eat?


  • Carnivore.
  • Love to eat small mammals including voles, mice, squirrels and pocket gophers.
  • Will also add frogs, snakes, and small birds to their diet if mammals are scarce.

Is a long-eared owl a carnivore?

Long-Eared Owl Diet They fly low to the ground and listen for rodent activity so they can quickly capture any small prey they find. Long-eared owls hunt for mice, voles, shrews, small birds, small snakes, bats, and sometimes insects. They are carnivores like most other owls and swallow their prey whole.

What animals eat long-eared owls?

Adult long-eared owls are preyed upon by many other raptors. Raptors that have been observed taking long-eared owls include great-horned owls, barred owls, golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, red-shouldered hawks, northern goshawks, eagle owls, common buzzards, and peregrine falcons.

Do Barn owls eat bats?

Barn Owls eat mostly small mammals, particularly rats, mice, voles, lemmings, and other rodents; also shrews, bats, and rabbits. Most of the prey they eat are active at night, so squirrels and chipmunks are relatively safe from Barn Owls.