Is a lope tune bad for your diesel truck?

Is a lope tune bad for your diesel truck?

Banned. Lope tunes sound good but are bad for injectors. Something about the waffer plates in them. And the more soot goes through the turbo, the quicker it will “plug up”.

Can you drive with a lope tune?

Usually “lope” is only commanded in the idle segment of the map and it has no effect while actually driving. Duramax19 said: it is impossible to drive on. It is way rough to try to drive on so if you get a lope tune dont plan on using it everyday.

What is a rumble tune?

As stated earlier a rumble tune is just the veins in the turbo. From stock they either rumble or whistle like a vacuum cleaner.

What is the point of a lope tune?

Lope is caused by the overlap when the exhaust valve is opening and the intake valve is closing. The more overlap, the more lope there will be. It’s about exhaust duration. It can usually be tuned in or out depending on the LSA of the cam.

Why does my Cummins lope?

12v and 24v(vp) trucks will lope due to a cpl of things, first being big connector tubes(24) dv holder(12). Also bigger lines on either will cause lope, due to changing the injector pulse at idle or just off idle due to pressure change because of the big lines and tubes.

What is Lope idle?

We say an engine “lopes” or “surges” at idle when RPMs cycle unsteadily up and down. For example, a car may surge at idle between 600 and 1000 rpm.

What is the point of Lope tune?

What does a whistle tune do?

by using the whistle as the pitch pipe for the other instrument to tune to. Whistles are tuned to get an even run between notes in both octaves to eliminate any small variance in individual notes.

What makes a 12v Cummins lope?

They will lope with really high rail pressure. The whole mechanical injection of a 12v is what makes it lope with the fuel traveling through the lines you have a delay, and bigger lines makes it more noticeable as the pump doesnt put out enough volume to completely fill them resulting in a lope.