Why was Cape Wrath Cancelled?

Why was Cape Wrath Cancelled?

Cape Wrath (also known as Meadowlands) is a British television thriller drama series, created by Robert Murphy and Matthew Arlidge, that first broadcast in the United Kingdom on 10 July 2007 on Channel 4. Due to low ratings, Channel 4 executives confirmed that a second series would not be commissioned.

What is Cape Wrath about?

This road connects a passenger ferry that crosses the Kyle of Durness with the buildings on the peninsula. Much of the cape is owned by the Ministry of Defence and is used as a military training area, including as live firing range….

Cape Wrath
Location Scotland
Coordinates 58.62°N 5.00°WCoordinates:58.62°N 5.00°W

Is the Cape Wrath ferry running?

The Cape Wrath Ferry Service runs 7 days per week May to September allowing visitors to go to Cape Wrath Lighthouse and see the natural beauty of north west Sutherland.

What kind of ship is Cape Wrath?

CAPE WRATH (IMO: 7826166) is a Logistics Naval Vessel that was built in 1981 (40 years ago) and is sailing under the flag of USA. It’s carrying capacity is 32187 t DWT and her current draught is reported to be 7.5 meters.

Is Cape Wrath worth visiting?

I did the tour at the beginning of September 2014 and was incredibly lucky with the weather and everything else. There were not too many people, so getting on the ferry and on the bus was no problem. The ferry is tiny, but a nice part of the experience.

Is it possible to drive to Cape Wrath?

There is no transportation method for public vehicles to reach it. The only way to access the road without hiking over moorland is by the Cape Wrath Ferry, a foot passenger only boat, which crosses the Kyle. Remember, Cape Wrath Mini Bus is the only vehicular option available to the public on Cape Wrath Peninsula!

Can you get to Cape Wrath by car?

Where was the TV series Cape Wrath filmed?

Picturesque and crime-free, Meadowlands appears to be a suburban paradise where the Brogan family can start a new life. However, they soon realise that it is not so easy to escape the past, and their haven becomes a world of paranoia and psychological intrigue with surprises around every corner. The series was filmed in Kent.

Is there a second series of Cape Wrath?

Due to low ratings, Channel 4 executives confirmed that a second series would not be commissioned. The complete series was released on Region 2 DVD on 27 August 2007. A quiz based upon the series is available to play on FunTrivia.

Who are the main characters in Cape Wrath?

The series opens with Danny ( David Morrissey) and Evelyn Brogan ( Lucy Cohu) and their two teenage children, Zoe ( Felicity Jones) and Mark ( Harry Treadaway ), entering a witness protection programme and moving to a bucolic neighbourhood known as Meadowlands to begin a new life.

Who are the brogans’neighbours in Cape Wrath?

The Brogans arrive at Meadowlands and meet their neighbours: bad boy handyman Jack Donnelly, vivacious and bubbly Brenda, and general practitioner Dr. York, all of whom harbour secrets as potentially devastating as the Brogans’ themselves.