How long does it take to reindex Outlook 2016?

How long does it take to reindex Outlook 2016?

Under Index Settings click on Rebuild. 9. As Indexing takes a long time, allow Outlook to rebuild the Indexing for about 12 to 24 hours and verify the result after about 24 hours. You will see an icon on your taskbar that will alert that is is working.

Why is Outlook indexing taking so long?

Sometimes indexing can lag, causing searches to take longer than usual. If you suspect only one location or file on your computer is causing the problem, you can disable that location from indexing and add it again to rebuild that part of the Index without having to rebuild the entire index.

How do I fix Outlook indexing?

If Outlook is not searching all of your email correctly, you can rebuild the Outlook search index to fix this:

  1. Click on File then Options.
  2. Select Search on the left then click Indexing Options.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Click the Rebuild button.

How do I speed up indexing in Outlook?

Limit Search Results

  1. Click the Windows “Start” button, select “All Programs” and choose Microsoft Outlook 2007.
  2. Click the “Tools” menu at the top of the window.
  3. Click the “Make searches faster by limiting the number of results shown” check box.

Does Outlook need to be open for indexing?

No you do not need to keep Outlook open during indexing. It does take a while for the indexing to complete.

What does it mean when Outlook is indexing?

What is indexing? In simple terms, it’s a catalog that’s built from terms found in email messages. The catalog is similar to an index for a reference book, but instead of manually searching for the term in the book’s index, you’re search for it electronically by entering the term in a Outlook search box.

How do I enable indexing in Outlook 365?

In Outlook 365 click on the File tab. Click on Options and Search. Next click on Indexing Options. You should now see which locations are being indexed, click on the Advanced button.

Can you speed up indexing?

Go to Control Panel | Indexing Options to monitor the indexing. The DisableBackOff = 1 option makes the indexing go faster than the default value. You can continue to work on the computer but indexing will continue in the background and is less likely to pause when other programs are running.

How can I make Outlook 2016 index faster?

Rebuild the search catalog

  1. Exit Outlook.
  2. Open Indexing Options in the Windows control panel.
  3. In the Indexing Options dialog box, select Advanced.
  4. In the Advanced Options dialog box, select Rebuild.
  5. Select OK, and then select Close.