How do you Facetime Santa in real life?

How do you Facetime Santa in real life?

Santa’s Phone number is 1-(951)- 262-3062 If you are planning on calling Santa, then it is a good idea to put the phone number in your phone under Santa Clause’s Phone number!

Can I video call Santa Claus?

“Video Call Santa is a free app that offers a ton of options for creating a personalized call from him.” “Video Call Santa is a special app that will give you a direct line to Santa whenever you need it.” “Santa asks your child their name, if they have been good and what’s on their wish list.

Can you call Santa for real?

Just gather round those kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, friends and neighbors to call Santa’s phone number 1-319-527-2680 and turn the speaker on for all to hear. Then, sit back, smile and listen to the joyful sounds of a new holiday tradition in the making.

How do I call Santa Claus 2020?

To contact Santa, you can call (951) 262-3062 and be immediately directed to his “personal hotline.” When Santa’s pre-recorded message answers the phone, the jolly jingle in his voice is enough to make any skeptic believe in the magic of the season.

Can you talk to people on FaceTime?

Open the FaceTime app and tap the plus sign at the top. Enter the names of your contacts. You can also use their phone numbers or email addresses. Tap to start either an Audio or Video call. Open the Messages app and tap your group conversation. You can also start a new group conversation if you like. Tap People at the top to expand that section.

How to contact Santa Claus?

Contact Santa Claus Office Contact. Please email us if you would like to get in touch and need further assistance. Media Photos. Download our press photos here. Please credit Santa Claus Office appropriately. Address. Q: May I Contact Santa directly? As an old fashioned and busy man he is, Santa doesn’t use email.

Can I call Santa Claus on the phone?

HOW TO CONTACT SANTA BY PHONE. If you want to give Santa Claus a ring, dial 951-262-3062 . Your kids will be greeted by an enthusiastic “Ho, ho, ho!” from Santa Claus. Followed by, “Merry Christmas! This is Santa Claus and you have reached my personal hotline.” It’s the busiest time of year, so Santa can’t talk to kids personally.

What is a Santa call?

What is a Santa Call? A Santa Call is a personalized message that a recipient receives through a landline or cellphone number in real time. They can be placed in over 170 countries around the world (see available country list HERE )!