What is the role of acid phosphatase in wheat germ?

What is the role of acid phosphatase in wheat germ?

Biochem/physiol Actions Acid phosphatase originates from the aleurone and scutellar tissues during germination. It hydrolyzes phytins, ATP, protein phosphates and nucleotide phosphates. It has a role in general metabolic reactions. Wheat embryo APase consists of four isoenzymes.

What type of inhibitor is acid phosphatase?

Fluoride and phosphate are well-known inhibitors of acid phosphatase. Also in our study, they acted as inhibitors for enzyme activity. These effectors exhibited mixed and competitive type of inhibition on acid phosphatase activity, respectively (Figures 6 and 7).

What is the chemical reaction catalyzed by wheat germ acid phosphatase in vivo?

Under acid conditions the enzyme catalyzes the hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl phosphate to inorganic phosphate and p- nitrophenol (Figure Page 4 5-10).

What class of enzyme does wheat germ acid phosphatase belong to?

Acid phosphatases (APs) are a family of enzymes that belong to the hydrolase class.

Is wheat germ acid phosphatase an enzyme?

Acid phosphatases (APase) are a family of enzymes that non-specifically catalyze the hydrolysis of monoesters and anhydrides of phosphoric acid to produce inorganic phosphate at an optimum pH of 4 to 7.

Where is wheat germ acid phosphatase found?

wheat plants
Commercial wheat germ acid phosphatase (WGAP) is extracted from the germ/embryo of wheat plants and is commonly used in vitro in many biochemistry laboratories.

What is the clinical significance of acid phosphatase?

CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE Acid phosphatase is an enzyme present in almost all weaves of the organism, being particularly high in prostate, stomach, liver, muscle, spleen, erythrocytes and platelets. High levels of acid phosphatase are found in prostatic phatologies as hypertrophy, prostatitis or carcinoma.

What is acid phosphatase used for?

Acid phosphatase: An enzyme that acts to liberate phosphate under acidic conditions and is made in the liver, spleen, bone marrow, and prostate gland. Abnormally high serum levels of acid phosphatase may indicate infection, injury, or cancer of the prostate.

What is the normal range of acid phosphatase?

In adults and elderly persons, the normal findings for acid phosphatase are 0.13-0.63 U/L (Roy, Brower, Hayden; 37°C) or 2.2-10.5 U/L (SI units). Normal findings in children are 8.6-12.6 U/mL (30°C), while normal findings in newborns are 10.4-16.4 U/mL (30°C).

What is acid phosphatase enzyme?

Acid phosphatase is a ubiquitous lysosomal enzyme that hydrolyses organic phosphates at an acid pH. The discovery that prostatic carcinoma cells often retain a high concentration of acid phosphatase characteristic of the normal postpubertal gland led to the recognition of the first clinically useful tumor marker.

What is wheat germ phosphatase?

Wheat germ acid phosphatase (WGAP) is a commercial preparation of partially purified protein commonly used in laboratory settings for non-specific enzymatic dephosphorylation. It is known that these preparations contain multiple phosphatase isozymes and are still relatively crude.