Where is the U-352 located?

Where is the U-352 located?

The wreck of U-352 was discovered 26 mi (42 km) south of Morehead City, in 1975, by George Purifoy. She lies in about 115 feet (35 m) of water, and sits at a 45-degree list to starboard. The wreck scatter is within a 100 m (330 ft) radius of location above on a sand bottom.

How deep is U-352?

The U-352 is perhaps the most famous dive site north of the Florida Keys. This German submarine was sunk on 9 May 1942 by depth charges from the U.S. Coast Guard cutter, USCGC Icarus. It now lies at 115 feet and sits at a 45-degree list to starboard.

How did U-352 sink?

The U-352 was a German submarine that was used during the notorious U-boat attacks in WWII along the NC Coast. On May 9, 1942 it was sunk by the Coast Guard Cutter Icarus.

What other discovery did George Purifoy and his crew make?

Purifoy took his first dive in 1961 and had completed over 7,000 dives at the time of his passing. He is credited for the discovery and identification of numerous shipwrecks off the coast of the southern Outer Banks, most notably the WWII German Submarine U-352.

Where is U-352 in the Gulf Stream?

Unlike U- 85 and U- 701, U- 352 rests south of Cape Hatteras, off Cape Lookout in more stable conditions and more inviting Gulf Stream water for the average diver. Sea life at the site of U- 352 is prolific and typical of a sub-tropical marine ecosystem.

What kind of marine life is found at U-352?

Sea life at the site of U- 352 is prolific and typical of a sub-tropical marine ecosystem. The site is heavily encrusted with coralline algae and supports an array of cnidarians, such as sea anemones and corals. Also, on the site, the density of red barbier baitfish and amberjack is such that it often hinders photographic documentation.

Who was the captain of the U-352?

The U-352’s story starts in May 1941 when the German military built the first of the Type VIIC U-boats with more fuel capacity and torpedoes than its predecessor. Commanded by Capt. Hellmut Rathke, the U-352’s 45 man crew prepared in October 1941 to set sail for the waters of the Atlantic.

Are there any artifacts from the U-352 wreck?

George Purifoy has recovered many artifacts from the U-352 in order to make these pieces of history available to everyone who cannot dive to the wreck. They remain on permanent museum display in the shop and visitors are welcome to see these artifacts free of charge during normal store hours.