What is skilled technical score on ASVAB?

What is skilled technical score on ASVAB?

The ASVAB test is made of nine sub-tests and line scores reflect the total scores for specific groups of sub-tests. For example, the Skilled Technical (ST) line score is the sum of the general science, verbal expression, mathematical knowledge and mechanical comprehension scores.

What is the highest ASVAB general technical score?

The highest ASVAB score is 99. The score is a percentile generated from an individual’s performance on the subtests making up the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT): Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Mathematical Knowledge (MK), Paragraph Comprehension (PC) and Word Knowledge (WK).

What is GM score on ASVAB?

Navy Jobs (Rating) ASVAB Line Score Requirements

Navy Rating ASVAB Score
Gunner’s Mate GM AR+MK+EI+GS= 205
Hospital Corpsman HM VE+AR+MK+GS= 209-OR-MK+GS+2VE= 209
Hospital Corpsman DA Dental Assistant VE+MK+GS=156
Hospital Corpsman BHT Behavioral Health Technician VE+MK+GS=156

What ASVAB score do you need for special forces?

You must have an ASVAB General Technical (GT) score of 110 (105 with a waiver) or a minimum Combat (CO) score of 105 (waiverable) You must pass a Special Forces physical in accordance with AR 40-501.

What are good ASVAB scores?

Your ASVAB score includes your Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score. For high school graduates, the required score is usually in the lower 30s, while those with a GED are usually required to score at least a 50. A “good” score for those who have graduated high school is considered to be a 35.

What is the scoring system for the ASVAB?

The ASVAB Scoring Scale. The scoring system used to evaluate the test is based on the Item Response Theory (IRT) model; accordingly, the examinees’ skills, the subtest questions, and the test scores are placed on the same scale.

What are ASVAB line scores?

A line score combines various standard ASVAB scores to see which jobs or training programs you qualify for. The standard scores are your scores on the individual ASVAB subtests (with Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension combined as a Verbal Expression score): General Science (GS) Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)

How is the ASVAB score is computed?

There is a meticulous process on how ASVAB scores are calculated. First, the results from the PC and WK are combined – in what is known as Verbal Expression (VE) score. Your raw AFQT score is then calculated as: 2VE + AR + MK