What is a promapp?

What is a promapp?

Promapp is a cloud based process management software which provides a personalized navigation for workflow and a seamless integration with any EDRMS, including SharePoint or any other intranet and enables teams to become owners of their processes to take accountability and drive improvements.

Who created promapp?

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Promapp was founded in 2002 by Ivan Seselj and is co-owned by Richard Holmes. Both Seselj and Holmes are process experts from global consulting firms.

What is Nintex cloud?

Nintex Workflow Cloud is a cloud-based platform where you can design workflows to automate simple to complex processes using drag-and-drop interactions without writing any code. Using a wide range of actions, you can build and design your workflows with drag-and-drop without writing any code.

What is nintex RPA?

Nintex RPA is the fastest time-to-value RPA solution on the market providing easy-to-use tools that automate tasks in hours and days rather than weeks and months. Scale up by adding a workforce of bots. that handle large projects as a team.

How much does promapp cost?

The pricing for Nintex Promapp starts at $950.0 per month. Nintex Promapp has 2 different plans: NINTEX PROMAPP STANDARD at $950.00 per month. NINTEX PROMAPP ENTERPRISE at $1350.00 per month.

What is nintex used for?

Nintex is a leading process improvement, workflow and automation software platform. In their own words, you can use the Nintex platform to “Manage, automate, and optimise your processes… to quickly and intelligently transform your business.”

What is nintex SharePoint?

In Sharepoint. Developed by Australian entrepreneurs, Brian Cook and Brett Campbell, Nintex is a workflow automation solution. Primarily used for SharePoint and Office 365, Nintex helps companies in 90 different countries automate processes on and between leading enterprise content management systems.

Who are nintex competitors?

Competitors and Alternatives to Nintex

  • AgilePoint.
  • Appian.
  • OpenText.
  • Oracle.
  • Bizagi.
  • IBM.
  • BizFlow.
  • Bonitasoft.