Is PEX Card legit?

Is PEX Card legit?

The process is completely safe and secure. Also, you can re-transfer funds from your PEX card to your business bank accounts. Intuitive dashboard from PEX card gives you complete access and control to all your employees’ PEX cards.

How do I check my PEX card balance?

How do I check my balance on my card? Administrators can check the balance at the PEX admin website or mobile app. Cardholders can check their balance on the PEX cardholder website or mobile app, or by calling the number on the back of their card.

Where can I use PEX Card?

The Card or Virtual Account may be used as authorized by Company to purchase or lease goods or services at authorized locations where Visa® debit cards and STAR® cards are accepted. The Business Administrator determines the types of purchases you may make with the Card or Virtual Account.

How do I activate my PEX Card?

To register your card, please enter the number on the front or the back of the card. You should receive a confidential code at the email address associated with your card.

How do you unblock a PEX Card?

All PEX cards can be deactivated or blocked instantly through the PEX Admin site and app. Companies with high turnover or seasonal employees appreciate the ability to instantly block access to funds.

What is a PEX account?

The Leading Prepaid, Reloadable Corporate Card Management Platform. PEX is the only vertically-integrated full stack payment platform that’s built from the ground up to streamline spend and expense management, grant program funds disbursement, and rewards card management.

Can you use PEX at ATM?

A: There is no cash-back option or ATM access with PEX Cards. PEX eliminates the need for cash transactions and petty cash funds. This doesn’t mean that you have to use the card only for PIN transactions – just means that the PEX Card can function as debit or credit card depending on the merchant’s requirements.

What does PEX Card stand for?

PEX Card is a corporate prepaid card solution small and medium sized companies use to control employee spending. PEX Card is a next generation Visa prepaid corporate card service SMBs use to control employee expense spending.

Is a PEX Card a debit card?

Because PEX Card is prepaid, no credit check is required to open an account, giving companies easier access to Visa spending with less risk of putting credit in employees’ hands. Prepaid is a form of debit but no checking account is opened for the customer, making the card the primary access point for funds.