What is a Fender Broadcaster?

What is a Fender Broadcaster?

The Broadcaster was a two-pickup solidbody guitar able to reach high stage volumes with none of the feedback problems that plagued hollowbody guitars. The instrument was fitted with an easily replaced bolt-on neck that contained an adjustable truss rod (something earlier prototypes lacked).

What was Tom Petty’s favorite guitar?

His favorite acoustic guitars included a C.F. Martin HD-40 Tom Petty signature model, and a 12 version of this same instrument. Petty owned a Gibson Dove, that he used as his primary guitar to write songs.

What guitars does Mike Campbell play?

The bulk of his sound comes from a 1963 Fender Princeton and a 1954 Fender tweed Deluxe. He augments that with a custom Fender Excelsior and a Fender Vibrotane for Leslie-type effects.

What happened to Tom Petty guitars?

Tom Petty’s guitars and guns stolen from storage… amid ongoing legal dispute over deceased rocker’s estate. Valuables worth ‘at least $100,000’ have been stolen from a storage locker that once belonged to deceased rocker Tom Petty, according to TMZ. Petty died in October 2017 following an accidental drug overdose.

Who has Tom Pettys guitars?

Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell (musician)

Mike Campbell
Genres Rock
Instruments Guitar, Vocals
Years active 1971–present
Associated acts Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Don Henley Blue Stingrays The Dirty Knobs Mudcrutch Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac

What kind of amp does Mike Campbell use?

Fender ‘wide panel tweed’ Deluxe Amp 5C3 “The Deluxe is probably a ’54 or a ’55,” says Mike Campbell’s guitar tech about the Fender Deluxe Amp.

What Bass did Tom Petty?

As a bassist, Petty played a Fender Jazz Bass, Rickenbacker 4003, Höfner Club Bass and Danelectro Longhorn.

Who was Tom Petty’s guitar tech?

guitarist Mike Campbell
As much as the music of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is identified by Petty’s singular voice, the tone and licks of guitarist Mike Campbell have left an indelible signature on the band’s work over the last 30 years – they’re as much a part of the music’s “voice” as is Petty’s.