What are CPE requirements for NY CPA?

What are CPE requirements for NY CPA?

What are the NY CPE Requirements?

  • 40-hour rule: 40 hours of CPE in any combination of Fields of Study. At least 4 hours of New York-specific Ethics every 3 years.
  • 24-hour rule: 24 hours of CPE in a single Field of Study. At least 4 hours of New York-specific Ethics every 3 years.

How many CPE credits are required in NY?

These 4 credits of ethics may be counted toward your 24 or 40 CPE credits in the calendar year that you actually complete the ethics course….General Information.

Initial Date of Licensure Year MCE Required
December 15, 2020 Jan 1, 2021
January 2, 2021 Jan 1, 2022

How much CPE is required for CPA?

As part of the ongoing requirements to maintain the CPA designation, you must meet all the regulations set by the state you are registered in. You must complete at least 120 hours of CPE for each three-year reporting period, according to the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

How are CPE hours calculated?

Divide the total number of semester hours by 15 to get the total CPE credits. For example, if you want to convert 60 semester hours, divide 60 by 15 to get four CPE credits. Each CPE is the equivalent of 15 hours of classroom instruction.

What qualifies as CPE?

Members must earn their CPE credits from Qualifying Programs that are developed by experienced professionals, contribute to members’ competence, and are formally offered. In-house training programs, university classes, conferences, trade shows, or e-learning providers are all examples of types of qualifying programs.

Are there CPE requirements in New York State?

It is not meant to replace the guidelines set forth by the New York State Education Department, and is not the final authority in answering questions about the CPE requirements. Full updated information on mandatory education requirements can be found on the NYSED site. Contact the NYSED with any questions regarding these requirements.

What are the CPE requirements for a new CPA?

However, beginning on January 1, 2020, new licensed CPAs will be subject to the same CPE requirements as other CPAs: either 24 credits a year in a concentration, such as audit or taxation, or 40 credits a year in general CPE, as well as the professional ethics requirement.

Is there an online CPE program at Mount Sinai?

Mount Sinai offers CPE to students anywhere in the world through an innovative, online form of CPE, which uses video-conferencing technology and a learning management system to provide quality clinical pastoral supervision. The Online CPE program includes 1 unit of CPE. Requirements for online CPE include:

How to request an exemption from CPE requirements?

You may request an exemption from mandatory CPE requirements from the New York State Education Department (NYSED). Visit the SED site for more information. How do I report completion of my CPE requirements?