Who is the Australian commentator at the Tour de France?

Who is the Australian commentator at the Tour de France?

A former Australian road cycling champion, Dr Bridie O’Donnell is no stranger to elite road cycling and the Tour and will add valuable insights into a commentary team which has previously featured the legendary Phil Liggett and the late Paul Sherwen.

Who are the commentators on SBS Tour de France 2021?

Watch the riders cover each and every metre on SBS with commentary every night from Matt Keenan, Robbie McEwen, Bridie O’Donnell and David McKenzie. You can also watch and follow all the action on the SBS ŠKODA Tour Tracker App throughout the race, where the stream will start before the television feed in some cases.

Where is Robbie McEwen commentating from?

McEwen was born in Brisbane. After four years of moving through the regional, state and national levels of cycling, he started at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra under road cycling coach Heiko Salzwedel.

Who hosts Bonjour Le Tour?

Katherine Bates
There have been eight episodes of Bonjour Le Tour thus far, with Mallet a regular member alongside host Katherine Bates, Michael Tomalaris and Dave McKenzie.

Who are the commentators on itv4 Tour de France?

Commentators Ned Boulting and David Millar will guide you through the action with help from Matt Rendell, whilst Gary Imlach will host ex-pros Chris Boardman and Pete Kennaugh in the studio. Daniel Friebe will report from the ground with the latest from inside the race.

Why is Steve Porino not at the Tour de France?

Travel restrictions on U.S. residents made it difficult to get Porino into France, so he’s on vacation with his family in Maine, as former British racer Adam Blythe fills in.

Who is Kate on SBS Tour de France commentators?

Kate Bates
Kate Bates will bring her expertise to the hosting role as the former track world champion, dual Olympian on the road and track, Commonwealth Games track gold medallist, road national champion and cycling commentator brings her formidable experience to the Tour de France.

Is the Tour de France on SBS?

How to watch the 2021 Tour de France LIVE on SBS. Don’t miss a pedal stroke of the 2021 Tour de France from 26 June to 18 July, as SBS Cycling Central brings you every moment LIVE, FREE and EXCLUSIVE via SBS and…

What happened Matt Keenan?

Talent / Broadcasting / Matthew Keenan In 2018, Matt will again join former Australian cyclist and three time Tour de France green jersey winner, Robbie McEwan, to lead the SBS official world feed of the Tour de France. In addition to his international work, Matt’s voice is synonyms with Australia’s summer of cycling.

What nationality is Robbie McEwen?

Robbie McEwen/Nationality

Are the SBS commentators in France?

SBS will again provide extensive coverage of the Tour de France. The SBS commentary team will once again cover the event live from SBS’s studios with esteemed cycling journalist Michael Tomalaris at the helm. He’ll be joined by co-host and former Giro d’Italia stage winner David McKenzie.