Is PizzaExpress open Boxing Day?

Is PizzaExpress open Boxing Day?

Christmas Day: All branches will be closed on Christmas Day. Boxing Day: Most branches will once again open their doors although some might have shorter opening hours than usual, while others will remain open later until around 10pm – once again check the store locator to see when your nearest branch is open.

How much is PizzaExpress Piccolo menu?

Piccolo menu Dough Balls, pizza, pasta or salad, a dessert, a Bambinoccino & our Piccolo Activity Pack, all for 7.25.

Does PizzaExpress Cash?

We accept the following payment methods: Cash. Credit or debit card (including American Express) PayPal – via our Click & Collect website & when you Pay via Mobile (

How much is a pizza at Pizza Express?

Pizza Express Menu Prices

Food Size & Price
Meatball Small – $10.00 Large – $14.00
Pepperoni Small – $11.00 Large – $15.00
Cheese Small – $8.00 Large – $11.00
Vegetarian Small – $11.00 Large – $15.00

What is Piccolo Pizza at Pizza Express?

Piccolo Menu One scoop of vanilla gelato, finished with chocolate or fruit sauce: all topped with a baby cone. Why not add some fresh strawberries?

What is a Piccolo Pizza?

Desserts are a strong point at Pizza Express and the piccolo menu doesn’t disappoint, with the mini version of their delicious chocolate fudge cake, or ice cream/sorbet with a choice of sauce and a cone. …

Can you split the bill at Pizza Express?

You can pay quickly and easily; you can even split the bill with your friends and pay for individual items. You can now pay for your meal in less than 60 seconds using the App, and you don’t even have to ask for the bill.

What type of pizza does Pizza Hut have?

Pizzas are offered in four types of crust: hand-tossed, pan, thin n crispy, and stuffed crust. Below are the latest Pizza Hut menu prices.

Does Pizza Express do breakfast?

PizzaExpress is introducing a restaurant format, which it will use to trial products and services, including its first breakfast menu.

How can I get the latest PizzaExpress offers?

Offers and our latest menu updates are sent exclusively through our PizzaExpress communications. Sign up to receive offers by email. We’ll even send you a birthday surprise! Already have an account?

What kind of pizzas are on at Pizza Express?

From our iconic Dough Balls to our thin and crispy Romana pizzas, enjoy all your favourites at home. Summer just got tasty, with 20% off our new summer menu pizzas on Click and Collect orders.

What can I make at home with PizzaExpress?

At home DIY Pizza Kits are available to order! Choose from Margherita and American Hot on our crispiest Romana base. Its Our Dough, Your Go! Want to recreate your PizzaExpress favourites at home? Check out recipes for restaurant classics like Fiorentina, or try something a bit different like our Dough Balls Parmigiana.

Are there any cookies on the Pizza Express website?

Beyond pizza, there are cookies – we use the non-edible kind on this site. Some of these cookies tell us how you use this site to help you get the most out of it – if you’re happy with that, click Accept For information on the cookies used, click on