What is a sole source?

What is a sole source?

A sole source purchase is one where there is only one vendor capable of providing an item or service, and therefore it is not possible to obtain competitive bids. An order will not be placed without proper documentation, including a written quotation from the awarded vendor.

What is the difference between single and sole source?

In purchasing sole sourcing take place when only one supplier for the required item is available, whereas with single sourcing a particular supplier is purposefully chosen by the buying organisation, even when other suppliers are available (Larson and Kulchitsky, 1998; Van Weele, 2010).

How do you justify the sole source?

How do I justify a sole source?

  1. One of a Kind. Necessity of propriety item which must be compatible with existing equipment or systems and which is available only from the original manufacturer.
  2. Emergency. only allowable in rare circumstances.
  3. Awarding Agency Approval.
  4. No Competition: (Grant funds only)

What does sole source justification mean?

A “sole source” procurement can be defined as any contract entered into without a competitive process, based on a justification that only one known source exists or that only one single supplier can fulfill the requirements.  procurement of public utility services.

What is a sole source proposal?

What is “sole source” procurement? Procurement by noncompetitive proposals, referred to as sole source procurement, is procurement through solicitation of a proposal from only one source.

What is the purpose of a sole source letter?

Definition. A sole source purchase means that only one supplier (source), to the best of the requester’s knowledge and belief, based upon thorough research, (i.e. conducting a market survey), is capable of delivering the required product or service.

How do you negotiate with a sole source supplier?

Here are some advices for true sole source situations:

  1. Modify/Redesign, or at least give the supplier the perception that there is a real intention to do so to open the market.
  2. Identify the consequences for the supplier to lose your account.
  3. Determine the short- and long-term impact for the supplier of no-agreement.

Who is responsible for sole source contracts?

Sole source procurements A contract may be awarded for a required supply, service, or major repair without competition when, under regulations, the chief procurement officer or his designee above the level of procurement officer determines in writing that there is only one source for the required supply, service, or …

What is the definition of sole source?

A sole source is defined as the only supplier that can provide you with the goods or products you need. The sole source has either established a monopoly or is the only provider within a geographic region from which business owners can obtain what they need.

What is a single source justification?

SINGLE SOURCE PURCHASE JUSTIFICATION. DEFINITION: A Single Source procurement is one in which two or more vendors can supply the commodity, technology and /or perform the services required by an agency, but the department selects one vendor over the others.

What is the definition of single source?

Single source: is the source who has particular items available in stock and others do not have it or has only quoted for the required items and others did not.

What is a sole source federal contract?

Sole Source Contracts are non-competitive procurements that allow a single supplier to fulfill the needs of the contractual requirements. Though Full and Open Competition is preferred in federal acquisitions, the use of a sole source can be highly valuable when specific circumstances are met.