What level mutant is Emma Frost?

What level mutant is Emma Frost?

Omega level
Emma Frost and Professor X have been called “Omega level telepaths.” It is not the same as omega level mutant. They are alpha mutants. The term omega in their case means that they are telepaths of the highest order, with the most psychic power.

Is Emma Frost more powerful than Xavier?

Xavier is a more powerful telepath than Emma and wins majority, the level thing was just referred to the psychic defenses Xavier placed in Wolverine’s mind and not his power as a telepath.

How strong is Emma Frost?

Emma does not have access to her telepathy while in her diamond form. Superhuman Strength: In her diamond form, Frost’s physical strength is increased to superhuman levels. At her peak, she is able to lift approximately 2 tons.

Is Emma Frost immortal?

Immortality: Even after being shattered while in her diamond form by Thor and thrown into space, Emma’s body shards fell back to Earth, ripped through Thor’s body and reassembled, demonstrating her immortality as an Avatar of the Phoenix Force.

What is Emma Frost weakness?

Weaknesses. While in her normal state, Frost has all the physical frailties and vulnerabilities any ordinary human has. While she is much stronger and more durable in her diamond form, her body can be shattered if she were to be hit in a certain area that has a flaw, much as an actual diamond will.

Why is Emma Frost rich?

8. The White Queen, Emma Frost. In addition to having a body made of diamonds of incalculable value, she is heir to the Frost fortune, which includes a multitude of real estate and financial investments.

Is Emma Frost more powerful than Jean?

Emma Frost sometimes doesn’t get the credit she deserves for being one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, and these impressive acts prove it. Considered an Omega-Level Threat, Emma’s power puts her on the same field as Jean Grey and Hulk, even though she often goes underestimated.

Is Emma Frost good or bad?

Emma Frost is one of the most dangerous women in the Marvel universe. Created in 1980, Emma Frost has done it all; she’s been a ruthless hero, a compassionate villain, both at the same time, or neither. Cold, calculating, and cunning – Emma Frost is one of the most dangerous women in the Marvel Universe.