How do you unlock the trade price in Annihilator?

How do you unlock the trade price in Annihilator?

How to unlock the Annihilator Stealth Trade Price? A discounted price of $2,902,500 (Trade Price)* can be unlocked for the Annihilator Stealth. *The discounted Trade Price for the Annihilator Stealth is unlocked after the player has completed The Cayo Perico Heist Finale as a leader with this vehicle selected.

How do you unlock stealth Annihilator approach?

On the southeast side, there’s a road that leads to a little circular path with some dirt and construction equipment in the middle. Take a picture of either of those during the scope out, and you’ll unlock the aerial infiltration approach with the Annihilator.

Can you sell the Annihilator in GTA?

No, you cannot sell the Annihilator. Unfortunately in GTA Online it’s not possible to sell Special Vehicles, Pegasus or Facility Vehicles.

Is the Annihilator stealth weaponized?

However, its weapons are disabled for the pilot and the rear passengers during the stealth mode. Also, most homing weapons are still able to lock onto it.

What is the secret approach vehicle Cayo Perico?

Approach Vehicle Kosatka – A sonar deflector must be stolen from a Merryweather-operated submarine and taken to the Kosatka. This allows for the player to use the Kosatka using scuba gear to swim to the island infiltration point. This allows the player to parachute to the island.

Is the stealth Annihilator worth it?

Conclusion: The Akula is clearly the winner between the two Stealth helicopters. The stealth mode is the same between both the choppers. The only advantage the Annihilator offers is the increased seating capacity which still does not make it worth the investment.

Can you put missiles on the Annihilator?

The Annihilator should have 2.5x the armor. Homing Missiles of shouldn’t lock on to the annihilator. Make it a CEO vehicle. This would be fairly balanced because if the Annihilator can’t lock on to other vehicles or players on foot, nothing should lock on to the Annihilator.

Can you escape Cayo Perico by helicopter?

This is an easy way to take out his heli without even having to fire a shot. When you escape the compound run to the helicopter landing pad to the north west (at 10 o’clock as you look out from the gate). Throw three or more stickies at the heli, but don’t detonate them yet. Then start making your escape.