What guitar does Jimmy Eat World play?

What guitar does Jimmy Eat World play?

Fender JA-90 Telecaster.

Who mixed Jimmy Eat World Futures?

The album was promoted with headlining tours of the US, Europe, and Japan, before the band toured in support of Green Day in the US, the UK, and Australia. The band followed the album with two further singles, “Work” and “Futures”….Futures (album)

Length 49:33
Label Interscope
Producer Gil Norton
Jimmy Eat World chronology

What amps do Jimmy Eat World use?

He runs that into a Vox AC30-CC 2×12. Tom uses mostly Gibson guitars with Burstbucker Pros or the stock ’79 Les Paul Custom pickups. Runs into a few pedals like a Line 6 DM4 & MM4 into Orange amps, a AD-140 I believe.

Why is it called Jimmy Eat World?

The band’s name came from a crayon drawing made after an incident between Linton’s younger brothers, Jim and Ed Linton, who fought frequently. Jim usually won, but Ed sought revenge by drawing a picture of Jim shoving the Earth into his mouth; the picture bore the caption “Jimmy eat world”.

Is the middle an emo song?

Emo pop (also known as emo pop punk) is a fusion genre combining emo and pop punk. Emo pop features a music style with more concise songs and hook-filled choruses. The genre became mainstream in the early 2000s with Jimmy Eat World’s album Bleed American, including the album’s song “The Middle”. …

Is Jimmy Eat World still together?

Jimmy Eat World is an American rock band formed in 1993 in Mesa, Arizona. The band is composed of lead vocalist and lead guitarist Jim Adkins, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Tom Linton, bassist Rick Burch, and drummer Zach Lind….

Jimmy Eat World
Years active 1993–present

When was the album Futures by Jimmy Eat World released?

Futures is the fifth studio album by American rock band Jimmy Eat World, released on October 19, 2004, through Interscope Records. Futures was led by the successful single “Pain”, followed by “Work” and “Futures”. The album has sold 620,000 units in the United States, giving it Gold Record status.

Where did the band Futures record their album?

Following fruitless sessions with producer Mark Trombino, the band re-grouped and recorded with Gil Norton. The sessions lasted from February to May 2004, and were held at various studios in California and Arizona. Described as encompassing several rock styles, Futures included more solos and complex guitar parts.

When did Jimmy Eat World release Bleed American?

In July 2001, Jimmy Eat World released their fourth album, Bleed American, through major label DreamWorks Records. Bleed American became a commercial success, selling over 1.3 million copies.

Who is the lead singer of futures band?

In May 2003, vocalist and lead guitarist Jim Adkins said that the band had a lot of new material and would record sometime thereafter with Mark Trombino in Los Angeles, California. Trombino worked with the band previously, having produced Static Prevails (1996), Clarity (1999), and Bleed American.