What happened Gee Atherton?

What happened Gee Atherton?

On June 18th, Gee Atherton was filming a run down an impossibly steep and rocky ridgeline in costal Wales when he got hung up, pitched over the bars and tumbled to a stop on the rocky slope below. He sustained fractures to his femur, wrist, ribs, nose and eye socket, along with a punctured lung.

Where is the location of Red Bull Rampage?

Rampage gets held near the little town of Virgin in Utah, but the mountains on which the event takes place are generally changed every few years. This is to give the riders a blank canvas to start afresh and ultimately carve out new lines from nothing.

Who does Gee Atherton ride for?

Gee Atherton

Personal information
Current team Atherton Bikes
Discipline DH MTB
Role Explorer
Rider type DH & 4X

What wheels does Gee Atherton use?

Gee Atherton

  • Country: England.
  • 2019 Race Team: Atherton Racing.
  • 2019 Race Bike: Atherton Racing frame, 29-inch wheel size, FOX suspension, SRAM drivetrain, Trickstuff brakes, Continental tires, Renthal cockpit, Stans No Tubes wheels.

Is Gee Atherton OK?

He is stable, with no neck, spine or head injuries, awake and in good spirits. Massive thanks to the film crew & friends onsite keeping Gee calm along with the paramedics and the teams from Mountain Rescue, Air Ambulance and Coastguards who helped get Gee safely off the mountain.

What injuries did Gee Atherton get?

In all, the athlete sustained several spectacular injuries: a shattered femur, fractured radius and ulnar (forearm), fractures to multiple ribs, a broken nose and eye socket, a collapsed lung, and — not surprisingly — one hell of a concussion.

Has anyone died in Red Bull Rampage?

Jordie Lunn of Canada competes during the finals at the Red Bull Rampage, an invitational- only competition and the pivotal free-ride mountain bike event in the world on October 26, 2018, in Virgin, Utah. Lunn died Wednesday in a crash in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Is there going to be a Red Bull Rampage 2021?

The premier big mountain freeride event in the sport, Red Bull Rampage is ready to return in 2021.

Where does Gee Atherton live?

southern Snowdonia
Siblings Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton live and breathe mountain biking. The trio have achieved everything in the sport, having won eight downhill world titles and 49 world cups between them. BBC Sport caught up with them at home in southern Snowdonia where they live, train and work.

How many bones did Gee Atherton break?

He broke 11 bones, it was one of the biggest crashes of his career.