Is cobalt-60 highly radioactive?

Is cobalt-60 highly radioactive?

The most common radioactive form of cobalt is cobalt-60. It is produced commercially and used as a tracer and radiotherapeutic agent. It is produced in a process called activation, when materials in reactors, such as steel, are exposed to neutron radiation. What are the uses of cobalt-60?

What is the source of cobalt-60?

of cobalt is cobalt-60 (Co-60). Cobalt-60 is a byproduct of nuclear reactor operations. It is formed when metal structures, such as steel rods, are exposed to neutron radiation.

What kind of radiation does cobalt-60 emit?

gamma rays
Cobalt-60 emits two high energy gamma rays, making cobalt-60 both an internal and external hazard. The primary exposure pathways of concern are ingestion (drinking water and fish consumption), and exposure by inhalation and external exposure.

Why is Cobalt 60 no longer used?

Because it decays by gamma radiation, external exposure to large sources of Co-60 can cause skin burns, acute radiation sickness, or death. Most Co-60 that is ingested is excreted in the feces; however, a small amount is absorbed by the liver, kidneys, and bones.

What are the benefits of cobalt 60?

Cobalt-60 is used in the inspection of materials to reveal internal structure, flaws, or foreign objects and in the sterilization of food. In medicine, it is used to treat cancer and to sterilize medical equipment.

What are the dangers of cobalt 60?

What are the benefits of using cobalt 60?

The advantages of Co/sup 60/ therapy over conventional x-ray therapy, stemming from the fact that in the lst instance energy absorption within the tissues is by the Compton effect and in the 2nd case by the photoelectric effect, are: (1) increased skin tolerance, (2) reduced bone absorption, (3) increase in depth dose.

Is Cobalt 60 good or bad?

Cobalt-60 is a favored nuclide for therapy because it emits very high-energy gamma rays that are particularly good at penetrating through the body tissues to expose a tumor to therapeutic radiation. However, these radiation sources decay over a period of a few years and a hospital needs to swap them out.

What are the dangers of Cobalt-60?

What is the advantage of Cobalt-60?