Where can I get tax forms in Phoenix?

Where can I get tax forms in Phoenix?

You can access forms on the website anytime, at www.azdor.gov/forms. In our lobbies. In each of our three lobbies, you will find tax booklets for your convenience to take home and use.

How do I file sales tax in Arizona?

You have two options for filing and paying your Arizona sales tax: File online – File online at the Arizona Department of Revenue. You can remit your payment through their online system.

Does Phoenix have a city sales tax?

The 8.6% sales tax rate in Phoenix consists of 5.6% Arizona state sales tax, 0.7% Maricopa County sales tax and 2.3% Phoenix tax. There is no applicable special tax. You can print a 8.6% sales tax table here. For tax rates in other cities, see Arizona sales taxes by city and county.

Where can I find tax forms?

You can access forms and publications on the IRS website 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at http://www.irs.gov. Taxpayer Assistance Centers. There are 401 TACs across the country where IRS offers face-to-face assistance to taxpayers, and where taxpayers can pick up many IRS forms and publications.

What city in Arizona has the cheapest sales tax?

Huachuca City
The lowest rate, 7.6 percent, is in Huachuca City, near the Fort Huachuca military base. Other combined rates for larger cities in the state include Glendale (9.2 percent), Mesa (8.05 percent), Peoria (8.1 percent), Surprise (8.5 percent) and Tempe (8.1 percent).

Where can I get Canadian tax forms?

view and download it from canada.ca/taxes-general-package. order it online at canada.ca/get-cra-forms. order them beginning February 5 by calling us at 1-855-330-3305 (be ready to give your social insurance number)

How much is the city tax in Phoenix AZ?

The City tax is in addition to the tax imposed by the State. While the City rate varies by business activity, it is two and three tenths percent (2.3%) on most activities. A business engaged in taxable activity will need to obtain a transaction privilege (sales) tax license to report their Phoenix Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) liability. UPDATE!

How to file a sales tax return in Phoenix AZ?

Phoenix offers free online filing of sales tax returns and payments for tax periods prior to January 2017. To “go green” and sign up for electronic filing, please click the button below.

Where can I get my Arizona tax license number?

However, in order to prepare for this transition and to update your account, the City of Phoenix Finance Department’s Tax Division is requesting your Arizona Department of Revenue TPT Number. Please provide it via this online form.

Where to file privilege tax in Phoenix AZ?

Taxpayers are required to file and pay for all tax jurisdictions, including the City of Phoenix, to the State. We strongly encourage taxpayers to file online now via the State’s website: The Arizona Department of Revenue introduced its Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) electronic filing program for Property Managers (PMCs) in 2018.