What are documents required for new ration card?

What are documents required for new ration card?

Ration card application form. Certificate from Ward Councillor in the prescribed format to be submitted. Date of the birth proof – Birth certificate or SSLC book can be submitted. Identity proof – Adhaar card, Voter ID, PAN card or passport can be submitted.

Who is eligible for APL card?

Those who have this card, are entitled to 35 kilograms of food grain every month. APL (Above Poverty line) ration card – The APL ration card was issued to households living above the poverty line. BPL (Below Poverty line) ration card – The BPL ration was for those households living before the poverty line.

Can a person have two ration cards?

‘If family members living separately are able to provide different address proofs, they are entitled to separate ration cards’ “A family includes not just the couple and children, but also the parents and other dependants. As along as they live under one roof, it is enough if one ration card is given.

How can I reapply for Cancelled ration card?

If there is a mistake in ration card information because of which your card got cancelled by government, correct it. After correcting, go to local PDS office and submit a reconsideration application. If your ration card activation application is accepted, you will be able to activate cancelled ration card again.

What is the income limit for APL?

11.85 per kg at all the fair price shops. The Minister said there are nearly 28 lakh APL card holders in Delhi and of them the annual income of only 14.55 lakh card holders is less than Rs. 1 lakh per month and they are the ones whose APL cards had been stamped and who were able to get the rations.

Is it mandatory to link Aadhaar with ration card?

Yes, as per the government notification it is mandatory to link your Aadhaar card with a ration card. This is done to prevent any kind of duplicity and to ensure that eligible families do not get deprived of the benefits of ration cards by eliminating holding of multiple ration cards by a single-family.