Is a recall roster PII?

Is a recall roster PII?

That recall roster is filled with Personally Identifiable Information (PII). In layman’s terms, PII is any unique information that someone can use to steal your identity. On just that one document a hacker can gain an Airman’s rank, full name, duty title, home address and telephone number and cell phone.

What is a recall roster?

Recall Rosters (Organizational and Office Rosters) Records, Privacy, and Declassification Division. Information Paper. Recall rosters serve a useful and valid purpose for contacting individuals in order to recall personnel, notify them of building/base/office closings, and other important occurrences.

What is the purpose of a recall roster?

A recall roster is crucial for the readiness of the unit to deploy, participate in military exercises, etc. While the centralized list of phone numbers is not assigned a security classification level of Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret, that collection of phone numbers is rightly deemed as “sensitive.”

Does Cui include PII?

CUI Category: Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information.

What does recall mean air force?

— Total Recall is a term used to refer to the ability to have every available person present and accounted for. It’s about Air Force Global Strike Command readiness.

What is an accountability recall?

However, the type of recall most commonly used is the Format 3, accountability recall. As its name implies, a Format 3 recall is used to gain accountability of personnel from a limited number, i.e. active-duty only, to all personnel including dependants and civilians.

What is a 6 ring standby?

If you are placed on 6-ring standby, you may be called in to work at a moment’s notice, therefore–no consumption of alcohol. Exemptions. During a real-world event, the only exemption from a recall is being deployed on a contingency tasking.

What are the two types of CUI?

Types of Export Control CUI

  • Export Controlled.
  • Export Controlled Research.

Can the Army kick you out after 18 years of service?

By law, a Soldier on Active Duty who has attained over 18 years of Active Federal Service (AFS) cannot be released from Active Duty (REFRAD) with the consent of the Secretary of the Army, (absent the Soldier’s consent or minor…