What is an off axis guider?

What is an off axis guider?

An off-axis guider is a T-shaped camera mount. One short arm of the T threads onto the rear cell of Schmidt-Cassegrains or slips into refractor or reflector focusers. The off-axis guider allows you to guide your telescope through the same optics that are taking the picture.

How do you focus an off axis guider?

First focus your Main scope. After reaching focus on your main scope adjust the guide camera up and down until you achieve focus with your guider camera. If you focus your guide camera first and then focus your main scope your guide camera will be OUT OF FOCUS.

Do I need a guide scope?

No, there is no need. Guide cameras usually guide on stars at or near the center of the field of view where the image is good enough with just about any guidescope.

What is flexure in astrophotography?

Differential flexure occurs when part of the imaging system shifts slightly, while other parts do not. The autoguider keeps the guide star centered, but the image on the main camera moves relative to it, resulting in smeared stars and fuzzy details.

Why do I need a guide scope for astrophotography?

This process uses a small secondary camera and guide scope (a smaller telescope) to help improve the tracking accuracy of the equatorial telescope mount. The guide scope’s job is to provide an adequate field of (in-focus) stars so the autoguiding camera can find an appropriate candidate for calibration and guiding.

Can you use an OAG with a DSLR?

It will attach to one of the two camera adapters included with the OAG. DSLR cameras require a T-ring specific to the make and model of the camera. The Off-Axis Guider (OAG) requires a telescope, imaging camera, autoguider, and a mount tracking equatorially with autoguiding capability.

How do I install Zwo OAG?

Setup Guide

  1. Calculate the correct distance for your imaging train.
  2. Take off the guider prism part from the OAG and attach the OAG body to the telescope.
  3. Insert the prism back into the OAG body.
  4. Mount the guide camera.
  5. Screw the T2 or M48 adapter on the imaging camera according to your cameras mounting type.

How do you use zag OAG?

Can you autoguide without a computer?

The SynGuider – stand alone Autoguider can guide an equatorial mount without the help of a PC/Laptop, improving productivity during astro-photography sessions, helping you to obtain perfectly round stars during long exposure times. Supplied with guiding handset & cable, serial cable and battery pack.

Can you polar align with a guide scope?

It works fine. It’s the RA axis that needs to be aligned, not the scope it self. I use sharpcap to do my polar alignment and phd2 confirms it is very accurate.