What is the message of the poem Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy?

What is the message of the poem Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy?

‘Valentine’ by Carol Ann Duffy contains several important themes. In the poem, there are the themes of love, convention, individualism, and vanity of materialism. As the title of the poem says, it is a pure love poem but unique for the poet’s unique expression. The poet metaphorically compares her love to an onion.

How does Duffy present relationships in Valentine?

Similarly, in “Valentine”, Duffy suggests that true love is perpetual, through the use of “an onion” as a symbol of love. She uses “an onion” to show her lover that her love is more original, honest and true. She says, “Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips,” The “fierce kiss” could be a metaphor for love.

How does Duffy make Valentine such a surprising love poem?

Duffy shows her wit and poetic cleverness by managing to keep the extended metaphor of the onion being like her love going throughout the poem. By doing this Duffy turns an ordinary object, an ‘onion’ into an unusual symbol of love, and makes it seem a more appropriate symbol than traditional Valentine gifts.

What does the onion represent in Valentine?

The most obvious symbol in the poem, of course, is the onion that the speaker gives to their lover in place of more expected valentines, such as roses or a “kissogram.” The onion in the poem symbolizes the true nature of love—that is, it is meant to represent love as it really is, rather than some overly romanticized …

What does it is a moon wrapped in brown paper suggest?

Metaphor – ‘a moon wrapped in brown paper’ refers to the romantic connotations that the moon carries. The moon influences the tides and all water on earth. Since 75% of the earth is water and our own bodies also contain the same amount, it means it also has an effect on our emotions too.

What does it is a moon wrapped in brown paper?

The gift, the metaphorical onion, is described as a moon wrapped in brown paper. The “brown paper” refers both to the texture and colour of the outer layer of the onion as well as reminding us that real romantic gifts do not need to be embellished or concealed within expensive wrapping.

What’s the meaning of the poem Valentine by Duffy?

Poem Name: Valentine by Duffy. Meaning: Valentine is a realistic interpretation of love and the journey taken throughout a relationship. Duffy tries to challenge the traditional ideas and commercialisation of love whilst following a non-linear structure to try and highlight how everyone’s experience with love and relationships is different.

Who is the author of the poem Valentine?

“Valentine” is a free verse dramatic monologue written by Scottish poet, author, and playwright Carol Ann Duffy. The speaker presents their lover with a valentine in the form of an onion, then explains the reasoning behind this unusual gift.

When was the first love poem by John Duffy published?

More on Genius. First published in Duffy’s 1993 collection Mean Time, and also collected in Love Poems from 2009, “Valentine” cuts quietly and sharply through the clichés associated with the holiday.

What is the structure of Duffy mean time?

Duffy would have seen here that conflict is common and is even present in relationships. Structure: The stanzas in the poem present a journey of emotions about love from calm and careful to pain, to anger then finally to violence.