How strict are Virgin Atlantic with hand luggage?

How strict are Virgin Atlantic with hand luggage?

In short, Virgin are not particularly strict when it comes to hand luggage – as long as you’re sensible about it. With that said, you never know for sure until the day you travel, and so we recommend taking some precautions. Before diving in however, it makes sense to quickly go over the current rules.

Does Virgin allow hand luggage?

Yes, all passengers are permitted two cabin bags on Virgin Australia flights, provided each bag measures up at 105cm or less. However, most travellers can only pack to a total combined weight of 7kg – with only business class, Velocity Gold and Velocity Platinum permitted 2x7kg bags (14kg total).

What is premium economy with Virgin Atlantic?

The premium-economy cabin is situated between Upper Class and economy and features 35 reclining seats arranged in a 2-3-2 layout. Each one is 21 inches wide and has 38 inches of pitch. The seats themselves are very attractive and truly make you feel like you’re in a different class than regular old economy.

How many bags can you have on premium economy?

two bags
Economy fares get one carry-on bag plus one small item, like a handbag or thin laptop. Premium Economy, Business Premier, connecting Business Premier, and Airpoints™ Gold, Elite and Star Alliance Gold members get two bags plus one small item.

Can I take a backpack and a carry-on Virgin Atlantic?

Just an update, for anyone out there with similar concerns: the carry-on policy for Virgin Atlantic is NO BIG DEAL. You can take a normal size backpack or handbag to put in the seat in front of you, and an additional bag that fits the measurement restrictions can go in the overhead compartment.

Does Virgin Atlantic weigh carry-on bags?

Does Virgin Atlantic Weigh Carry On Bags? Virgin Atlantic Weigh carry on bags and it is included as part of its Guests tickets, also it depends on the cabin, so you may be able to take more than just the one bag.

How early can I check baggage virgin?

Check-in will close 30 minutes before departure and you will not be able to check your bags after this time. We recommend you are checked in with bags dropped at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

Can I take a hair straightener in my carry on virgin?

* Liquids in hand baggage cannot exceed 100ml each….What can and what cannot be taken on board?

Item hand baggage registered baggage
Hair straightener, hair dryer YES YES
Shampoos, conditioners, soap, gels YES* YES

Can I take 2 carry on bags?

The rule of thumb is: your personal item should fit under the seat in front of you. The personal item allowance is not an excuse to bring a second carry on bag. The bin is for larger, carry on luggage. You’re allowed to bring a second bag, but that bag must go under the seat in front of you.