Do the minions say bad words?

Do the minions say bad words?

“The phrases said by this toy are ‘para la bukay,’ ‘hahaha,’ and ‘eh eh,’” McDonald’s said. …

How much money is the golden minion worth?

Golden Minion toys appear on Carousell for $88 On average, the Golden Minion toys were going for about $30. This user even listed his Golden Minion toy for as high as $88.

Are Minion toys worth anything?

Basically Any Complete Set of Minions Toys Really. Almost 200 people have bought this complete set of Despicable Me 3 minions for $34.99. You could also get bold and try to sell a set of minion Happy Meal toys for $350.

Does McDonald’s have Minion toys?

Available from September 3 at all McDonald’s outlets (Melon Waffle Cone only at Dessert Kiosks). Happy Meal minion toys will launch from September 4 at all outlets.

Is a gold minion from McDonald’s rare?

Kids seem to like ’em nonetheless, and McDonald’s has launched a promotional event in which rare golden versions of Minion collectibles can be found at random, packaged in capsules that come together with Happy Meals. These aren’t real gold, mind you, just plastic ornaments in golden hues.

Is gold minion good for money?

Notes. With the inclusion of the Bazaar, this minion is a great way to make money, as several players use enchanted gold for Slayer-related items, such as the Scorpion Bow or the Mastiff set. Gold Minions are good for money making as of the Community Center Update because of the many uses of gold.

What does it mean if you get a gold minion from McDonald’s?

Each of the designs also has its own rare ‘golden twin’, so if you’re lucky, you’ll get an all-gold Minion with your Happy Meal instead of the regular one.

Are Mcdonalds minions worth anything?

These aren’t real gold, mind you, just plastic ornaments in golden hues. As it turns out, the cheap figurines are being sold online at pretty inflated prices. On online marketplace Carousell, sellers have been trying to sell off their rare finds, putting some pretty tremendous prices on the toys.

Is the gold minion rare?

Each figure also available in Gold,making 96 toys in all. The gold toys are one-in-ten for a special rare surprise. A 35- day Happy Meal featuring 48 Minion figures inside capsule from June 23- July 27, 2020.

How do I open a Mcdonalds toy?

Detach toy arm with pliers. A pair of pliers with serrated teeth gripped the slightly squishy arms enough to remove them. With enough effort, I suppose the arms could be reinserted, but, realistically, I think we’re past the point of no return. Crack toy chest open with pliers.

What does the gold card from McDonald’s mean?

The McDonald’s Gold Card entitles the owner to free McDonald’s food; specifically a free medium McDonald’s meal every week. Has there ever been a greater gift than that (well, maybe two free medium McDonald’s meals very week.