Where is the filling loop on an ideal boiler?

Where is the filling loop on an ideal boiler?

Nearly all built in filling loops are located directly underneath the boiler itself. Below is an image of the built in filling of an Ideal Logic combi boiler. An external filling loop can be located anywhere on the central heating circuit which gives it great location flexibility.

Should boiler filling loop be open or closed?

After use the valves on the filling loop should be closed, the metal braided filling loop removed and the valves capped. The majority of people don’t do this so there is always a chance that the valves can be opened accidentally or be faulty.

Should filling loop be removed?

Some people find it more convenient to leave the filling loop attached or next to the boiler. This is actually against regulations, as they state your filling loop needs to be disconnected from your boiler when it’s not in use. If it’s left on, you can cause irreparable damage to your filling loop boiler.

How do you know if a filling loop is open or closed?

Filling loops can come in different designs and can be detached from the boiler when not in use. With the black levers in this position the valves are OFF/CLOSED. Find the filling loop and check that both ends are securely attached.

Why does boiler say F1?

The F1 error code tells you that your boiler is losing pressure and is now low on pressure. This may be caused by: Water leaking from the pipes. A leak in the the boiler itself.

Why is my filling loop leaking?

It sounds like the filling loop is leaking. this is an isolation valve, they do tend to leak from the middle where you turn the valve on and off. The only way to remedy this is by changing the valve.

What does 0 mean on my Ideal boiler?

on standby
When ‘0’ is displayed on the boiler screen it means the boiler is on standby. This means the boiler is not receiving a demand from either the hot water or central heating.

What happens if filling loop is left on?

If it’s left on, you can cause irreparable damage to your filling loop boiler. They can accidentally knock the filling loop valves, which would allow water to flow back into the system, raising the boiler pressure and cause more problems.

How to re-pressurize my ideal Isar he24 boiler?

I have recently had an ideal isar he24 boiler fitted but over the last couple of weeks the pressure has dropped varying from 0 to 0.5. The heating still works but is sometimes noisy and often the pressure needle shoots up and down as it makes a noise. My previous boiler was a swiftflow and the pressure could be turned up by the turn of a screw.

How to increase water pressure on ideal ISAR system?

Discussion in ‘ Plumbing and Central Heating ‘ started by vickilouise, 8 Jan 2010 . I have noticed that the water pressure on my boiler system has fallen below 1 bar. How do I increase the pressure? I don’t have the manual for the boiler as the people I bought the house off didn’t leave it.

How much does it cost to replace a PCB with ideal Isar?

If you contact Ideal Isar, you should expect to spend about £300. This should include them replacing the PCB which they buy for about £20 from a foreign manufactured company, however if you buy from a parts centre you should expect to pay about the £200 trade mark which does not include the cost of the engineer supplying it at an additional 25%.

Who is the best plumber for ideal Isar problems?

Have you got an Ideal Isar problems on HE24, 30, 35 and your looking for a cure. Looking for the right information without breaking any laws, then your in the right place. Martin Smith an emergency plumber and a qualified emergency gas engineer in Bury explains everything you may need to know from a leaking boiler to a boiler fault.