What bolts can I use with Armadyl crossbow?

What bolts can I use with Armadyl crossbow?

Higher level bolts can be used with the Armadyl crossbow, but require higher Ranged levels to equip; at that point, ranged weapons that are higher levelled than the Armadyl crossbow become available to use. Additionally, the bolts’ damage is scaled down to tier 75.

What bolts do I use with Ascension crossbow?

Under 75k, use your second bolts. If you have LESS than 92% hitchance, use diamonds. If you have 92% or higher hitchance, use either onyx, hydrix, or dragonstone.

What drops a dragon crossbow?

Dragon limbs are required to make a dragon crossbow. Dragon limbs can be attached to a magic stock at Fletching level 78, granting 120 experience, to make a Dragon crossbow (u). They are a drop from adamant and rune dragons.

Are ascension crossbows worth it?

Yes its worth it…its a t80 vs a t90… especially if you want to actually start doing end game content like raids/raxxor. Even at qbd asc will speed up your kills a lot.

Can you use ascension bolts with Royal crossbow?

Unlike the zaryte and attuned crystal bow, the royal crossbow gains extra damage from its ammunition. It can fire any type of bolt, but when firing ascension or ascendri bolts, they have reduced damage that makes them equal to royal bolts.

How do you get a dragon crossbow?

Dragon crossbows can be made through the Fletching skill at level 78; a player must first cut a magic stock for the crossbow from magic logs, granting 70 Fletching experience. Then, a player must add dragon limbs with a hammer to the stock, granting 6 experience and making an unstrung dragon crossbow.

How do you make off-hand Ascension crossbow?

The parts to make an Off-hand ascension crossbow are dropped by legiones in the Monastery of Ascension. The crossbow is made by taking one each of the six Ascension signets (Ascension signet I, II, III, IV, V, VI) along with a dragon crossbow and 100 ascension shards to Ocellus outside the monastery.