What are captain abilities STO?

What are captain abilities STO?

What exactly is a captain ability? Thanks! The powers innate to your captain specifically rather than from other sources.

How many skill points do you get in STO?

Ground. There are a total of 20 Ground Skills. Players receive a Ground Point every 5 levels up to a total of 10, with the first point gained at level 5.

How to get Specialization in star trek online?

Starting with level 51, each level-up provides a specialization point. Spending 10 points in a specialization that is available as either Primary or Secondary unlocks the ability to craft Specialization Training Manuals.

Can you reset specialization points STO?

Can you respic Specialization points? No. The official reason for that is that you’ll always be able to earn more.

What is exotic damage in STO?

Exotic damage is the damage done by abilities like gravity well or tractor beam – usually science bridge officer abilities. An Exotic damage build is when you use those abilities as your main source of damage by improving them with gear, Doffs, skills, and traits.

Can you change your class in STO?

Like the player’s race, a career path is a permanent choice that cannot be altered later in game. In general, career specific elements in Star Trek Online encompass: Kits: Kit frames & modules are career path-specific, equipable items granting the player ground abilities.

Can you respec on Star Trek Online?

A Captain Retrain Token is a paid service that allows players to respec a single character, i.e. giving a one-time opportunity to “wipe the slate clean” in terms of skill tree. Retraining tokens do not respec Bridge Officers.

What is EPG STO?

EPG (stands for exotic particle generator) builds are quite different from everything else in STO in that they rely on non-weapon damage to do the majority of damage. These exotic attacks are all buffed by aux power, so make sure your aux is set to 100 base.

What is an exotic generator?

Overview. Exotic Particle Generator is a Captain Science skill that is available to all Captains. Each point of Exotic Particle Generator skill provides +0.5% Damage to all Exotic Damage abilities.

How do you train to be an officer in STO?

To train a bridge officer with the new system, you simply need to obtain the Training Manual for the desired ability and have the needed Expertise Points required for training. Training a bridge officer in the new ability will consume the Training Manual in the process.